Friday, July 26, 2013

My Kids' Busy Summer

It's hard to believe they only have a few more weeks until school starts kids have had a very fun & full summer and it isn't even over yet !! It seems that almost daily and definitely every weekend there is something going on - every weekend of August is booked already, including one full week away!

I've gone through my phone and thought I'd share some more pictures of what's been going on other than the few posts for the summer I've done! If you follow me on IG you may have seen some already!

Visited the Blue Bell Creamery... Blue Bell
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!! #BlueBell 
I had my favorite - mint chocolate chip... Mint Chocolate Chip Went to see the Astros play... Take me out to the ball game!!! #Astros Astros game Been doing a lot of swimming... She doesn't walk on water...but she planks on water!! LOL 
Bible School with friends (you can tell I got to play chauffeur)... We were almost at max capacity if little people today! #playingchauffeur 
Visits to the firestation... Aaron got to play fireman today!! 
Met some of the Texans cheerleaders... Go Texans!! 
and sadly just missed seeing JJ Watt, too - that'll teach us to leave early! 

Saw a few movies...
Oh - and be prepared...I've upgraded my camera (now the proud owner of a 5D) so I am sure there will be lots of new pics to come soon, especially of our vacation coming up!!

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It really is The Greatest Show on Earth

I love the circus - I've always loved the circus!! We try to go every year and this year was no exception! My favorite part I think is the before show - where you get to get a close look at all the animals, interact with the performers, and even get into the show...oh and the elephants...and the high flyers...oh and the motorcycle daredevils...and the ringmaster - umm yeah, I just love it all!!!
Circus 2013
I don't think Aaron remembers going last year, but I think he will remember this year hopefully! My parents joined us and two other families - we had 6 little ones all together and 1 teenagers (who we also will also consider as one of our little ones! LOL) - so we had quite the crew with us!
Circus 2013
Here are a few pics of what we saw...
Circus 2013 Circus 2013 Circus 2013 Circus 2013
Circus 2013
Circus 2013
Circus 2013
Circus 2013
And of course had some delicious circus munchies...Emma actually doesn't like cotton candy, but Aaron didn't mind eating her share!
Circus 2013
Our little clowns all had a blast!! Already looking forward to next year! 
Circus 2013
And we did our own bit of clowning around on the ride home! Do you think we make suitable clowns??
Clowning around!! #circus

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

4th of July with Yogi & Friends

4th of July was such a blast this year - we hit the road for a short road trip to a super fun place - JellyStone Park - to hang with Yogi & friends & family!! We all had so much fun!! The kids are still asking daily if we're going back. We will...soon I'm sure.
JellyStone Park
These kids all had a blast together!
JellyStone Park
Here is the whole crew including the two smallest members of the bunch!
JellyStone Park
JellyStone Park
We enjoyed some super yummy food, too courtesy of our gourmet grillin' husbands...
JellyStone Park
Which, of course, was followed by some yummy s'mores - dude you can't camp w/out making s'mores!
JellyStone Park
And then worked it all off with a few games of basketball!
JellyStone Park
My water babies! Lovin' this water!!
And ended our nights out under the stars watching movies...
Movie time!!! Watching The Lorax tonight! #camping #jellystone
This place is such a fun place to visit - fishing, putt putt, swimming, water slides, outdoor movies, arts & crafts (the kids chose to make the shirts you saw them wearing this visit), entertainment...we can't wait till our next visit!!