Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Crossfit Family

I've been doing crossfit for a while now and I have to say it's one of the best things I've done for myself in a very long time! It's not only a fantastic workout, but it's "me-time" and girl time, too. I go to a Ladies Only class and I'm so glad I chose that one b/c these group of women have become such fantastic friends!

This picture was after a hard workout last night so we're all sweaty and beautiful!! LOL - we never seem to take pics until after we're drenched from a workout or in the middle of a workout!  This has become such a part of my routine now that I find myself so excited for the nights I go to the box and if something comes up on a night I workout I do my best to rearrange my schedule so that I don't miss a workout. Since starting in February I've only missed two workouts now, so I can definitely say it's become a lifestyle! One that I hope continues for a long time.

I took some before pics - when I reach my goal fitness level I'll have to post them with after pictures. Nothing more motivating than pics!! :)
My other family!!


  1. I keep hearing great things about crossfit but I haven't tried it yet, I really want to though! I am going to have to see if there are any classes in my town. I'd love to know more about it!

  2. Good for you! It's hard to stay motivated and find a workout that fits you! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!


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