Monday, June 03, 2013

He's a Hard Working Man

We came home this weekend to find a sign in our yard!! Michael was so excited and it was well deserved, too - he works extremely hard in our yard all the time to keep it looking nice! Congrats baby!
Came home and found this in the yard - proud of you hubby!!! #hardworkingman #gardening #yardofthemonth
And my little man likes to tag right along behind him, too - we had some weekend projects and Aaron didn't hesitate to get to work himself. He actually picked up the drill and put in two screws completely on his own! He's gonna be handy around the house, I can tell!! He kept asking "You so proud of me!?!!?" And yes, I surely was!!
Big helper - looked up & he'd already put in two screws all on his own! He's gonna be handy around the house!!


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