Blogging takes a backseat sometimes...

Thursday, June 27, 2013
and lately that's what mine has been doing. Not only blogging myself, but also reading all your great posts, too!

We all get busy and these days the Kubeczka's are SUPER busy! Work is non-stop all day long, then 4 nights a week we have something going on outside the house on our schedule, and here lately every weekend if there isn't something to attend we're hitting the road and either going camping or hitting the waterpark or something else fun! Now I'm not complaining - I love going and doing and even though I say I'd love a day with nothing planned to be able to sit at home, I kinda feel guilty on those days b/c I feel like we need to be out and about with the kids getting into something. Summer is about fun after all, right??

So, here's a little pictorial recap of what we've been up to - gymnastics, movies, family baptism, a new puppy, camping, swimming, got my braces removed, pool parties, fishing, dog-sitting while my parents going on vacation, home much stuff going on you'll even see a picture of Aaron past out at a restaurant!! 

Recent Goings On
Found a new fishing hole! Fishes were afraid of us today!
Splash pad bday fun!!!
Like I said, definitely not complaining, but my poor blog is being sorely neglected as a result and I am WAY behind on my reading - both books & blogs! I've been blurking a little and will skim through a post or two lately, but haven't stopped to comment. Bad Blurker I know! I promise I am going to try to do better. And I am still here & trying to keep up with everyone!