Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend @ the Lake

Can you say tired...ummm, yeah that's us after a very fun & full weekend! Michael and I spent the weekend up at the lake with family and friends - we quite literally spent the whole weekend on the water. I still feel like I'm floating sometimes when I sit real still! LOL!! When we weren't riding the jet skis we had the boat anchored in the middle of the lake and just floated and enjoyed the water - it felt awesome!

This was a grown ups only weekend so my babies spent the holiday with Teta & Geddo and got spoiled as usual! :) We did have a great time, but I sure did miss my little sweeties - I was happy to see them when we made it home!

You can only see me in one pic below - the group swimming in the water, I'm the one wearing the shades...
4 days on the lake - great hosts, boating, jet skis, family, & friends - great way to spend Memorial Day weekend. Grateful to those who keep this kind of freedom possible!
And my hubby found a new toy he wants...well, they are a lot of fun!!
Michael found a new toy he wants now!!
I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, too - and remember to be thankful for those who keep this freedom for us to enjoy great times like this with family and friends.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Camping at the Beach

Man, it's been a while since I've posted - I thought things were going to slow down some, but that hasn't been the case.

Over the weekend we took the camper down to the beach for a little fun...we did have one heck of a storm Friday night with hail and winds that wouldn't quit, but other than that it turned out to be a beautiful weekend. And the park we stayed at was awesome - it had splash pads, play grounds, pools (one with a swim up bar), laundry, nice facilities, and lots of kids which was great for my two! Our spot was literally right at the splash pad and play ground so it was the perfect spot for us...Michael and I could sit and relax at the camper and watch the kids play.
IMG_4096 IMG_4111
The park had a lot to keep us occupied, but we definitely had fun at the beach, too! The water was cold, but that didn't stop any of us! The kids played in the mud - and by kids I mean my two little ones and my big one...okay, and me too - and jumped waves for hours!
Jumping waves! #ocean #beach
Jumping waves!! #beach #ocean
And Michael played Boy with a Grill and made up a yummy dinner of these guys - and let's just say my kids are now huge crab lovers! They nearly ate 'em all up!
We came back home Sunday and that afternoon ended up getting rear-ended...not once, but twice! How in the world do you hit someone twice! When I felt the second impact I really thought that someone else had hit the car that initially hit us, but there was no one behind her!! I asked her how she managed to hit me twice and she said I swear I hit the brakes. I honestly think she panicked and when she thought she moved her foot to the brake it was still on the gas. Needless to say I'm in a rental while my car is being repaired. Aaron went with me today and I think he made quite an impression on the lady helping me this morning - she was smitten with him! But I can't really say that I blame her!!
Dropping off my car to get it fixed this morning!
I am just glad it was only cosmetic damage to my car and that no one was hurt. Her car had a lot of damage - she hit us so hard that it busted her radiator - immediately there was antifreeze all over the road when we got out to see about everything.

It didn't ruin my Mother's Day in the slightest, though - I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with my family and I know we'll make more trips to this park in the future, too. I hope you all had a great one, too!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Emma - the awesome big sister!

Now I've told you before that my daughter totally rocks - well, she rocks the big sister role, too! Sunday she made me super proud of her when she stood up on the playground for her little brother!! Some other little girl thought she could push Aaron around and not give him a chance to play b/c he was "too little" - welllll, I am just here to tell you that I watched Emma put that little girl in her place!!

 Man - I'd give anything if I had had that on video - she did not hesitate one tiny bit and even had her hands on Aaron's shoulders protectively and kinda moved him to her side so she was right up in the little girl's face! Watching her stand up for her little brother was one of my proudest mommy moments!

We had a very fun and full weekend - something going on every day just like it's been for the past couple of months. This proud mommy moment happened while we were at a festival - the kids had a great day and I let them indulge in everything!

I loved watching the two of them having such a great time together - Emma helped Aaron each time they went up the rock wall on the big maze...
And my brave girl had a blast jumping, too...
Once Aaron saw Emma he was ready to jump, too but by then the line was extremely we opted for a silly string fight instead!
We all had a good time - fun, food, lots of music...the kids didn't stop the entire time we were there...
Love these happy faces! They are just the best thing I've ever done in my life!