Thursday, April 25, 2013


I've been lagging on my posts as of real reason except life is busy - which is probably true of most of us these days.

I've had a break from cooking a couple days a week b/c of crossfit - Michael takes dinner duty those nights and he and the kids usually go out or something - last night, though even though I didn't have crossfit I got another break! Came home to daddy grilling it up for us - surf 'n turf style, too!
Thanks babe! It was yummy, too!!

Also - about three months ago I got ombre highlights on my hair -  it was very subtle b/c I was kinda nervous about how it would turn out. You probably saw it if we're friends on FB or if you follow me on Twitter. Well, a couple weeks ago I went back for more...a lot more!! I love it and think it looks awesome for the summer! I wore the same shirt yesterday from the first time I shared my new locks so I decided to show the comparison from the first time - what do you think?
Needless to say 2nd go round was a lot more noticeable!

And more random stuff - Michael went out of town last weekend and the kids take every opportunity to sleep in our bed - so these are the pics we took and sent to daddy early one morning while he was gone!
Please ignore my puffy eyes - it was early! LOL

They left me later that day to spend the night with their Teta & Geddo (my parents) b/c I had a wedding to attend - I went with a coworker since Michael was was a fun ladies' night out!
So, that's all I have for now - just odd & ends!! We have booked two camping trips for the upcoming months. We really enjoyed our first trip in the camper and can't wait to use it again & again - and hopefully have some more interesting stories to share, too!


  1. my siblings and i would take turns sleeping with my mom when my dad went out of town. (he traveled a lot when we were young) we did it every time he was gone. it is definitely one of my most favorite traditions from my childhood, and i'm pretty sure we all did it until we were like 22 or no longer living at home.

  2. Same here! Waiting for things to slow down. Love your hair!


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