Picnic in the Park

Saturday, April 06, 2013
We spent a fantastic afternoon outside enjoying this incredible weather we've had today - it's been absolutely beautiful and we took full advantage!! We were up early and indulged in some Shipley's for breakfast (sooo bad, I know - but so good, too) and then headed over to the east side of town to my parents' house. We got all packed up and headed to the the park where we spent the next 4 or so hours just playing...I even climbed all over the numerous jungle gyms and acted like a kid myself!
Picnic in the park with Teta & Geddo!
The kids loved being out by the water, too and kept wanting to go swimming - it's still a bit too cold for that, though. Aaron didn't mind just watching it with his Geddo, though!
Looking at the water with Geddo!
I told the kids we'd have a movie night tonight - so I got Wreck it Ralph and made them popcorn and a movie night is exactly what they had. I just laid them down and I am sure I heard them snoring before I even made it back to the living room - they had a full day! They will both sleep very good tonight! Which hopefully means that I will, too!