Overdue JellyStone Pics

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
I've  been lax in posting my pics from our trip to JellyStone Park! We had a blast and I had a lot of pictures to post - it's just been busy ever since we came home so I am finally getting around to it now.

Cabin 217 - one of the bare bones Boo Boo cabins - was our home for the weekend. The kids loved it b/c they had bunk beds, which was the coolest thing, of course!
And you don't go to JellyStone without meeting Yogi himself, right - or Cindy!!
Horseshoe Lake was a treat b/c the kids caught a ton of fish!! And Emma caught a turtle!!!
Emma was fine as long as she knew nothing yucky was touching her! Such a girl!!
My son on the other hand was like "Bring on the grossness!" Such a boy!!
JellyStone (33)
Ewww...he even broke some in two to put on the hooks. Blech!
JellyStone (32)
The pond was certainly well stocked and big!
JellyStone (34)
 The kids also had a blast on this giant jungle gym...I've never seen one quite this big!
JellyStone (62)
JellyStone (59)
JellyStone (5)
This was great for us, too b/c we could sit and relax nearby on a picnic table while the kids wore themselves out and didn't have to worry where they were b/c there was only one way in or out! Wish we could put this up in our back yard.

Daddy grilled us up some yummy dinners each  evening over the charcoal - and Emma sat down eat day to journal about everything she did!
At night we always had a campfire - I mean, you have to right?? It was a cool fire b/c we bought some stuff to put it in to make the flames change colors. That was a big hit!
JellyStone (44) JellyStone (42) JellyStone (45)
And where there is a campfire, there are s'mores...right??
JellyStone (48)
We made super, yummy, gooey ones with these giant marshmallows!
JellyStone (46)
And with full bellies we would walk down the road to the log benches to watch a movie at night under the stars...that was one of my favorite parts!
JellyStone (53)
The kids did brave the cold water one day - the slides were just too much for them to resist. We had to force Aaron out, though when his lips turned blue!JellyStone6
The last evening Emma decided to forgo the fishing for arts & crafts...so I went with her while Michael and Aaron went to catch some more fish. Fitting for my girl, she picked out the peace sign piggy bank!
JellyStone (90)
Before kids Michael and I used to tent camp and loved it...the last time we went, though I was about 7 months preggo with Emma. We've wanted to go back, but I didn't want to go in tents with the kids. I thought a popup would be better and we've talked about it for a long time...well, after this trip we realized we couldn't wait any longer and finally bought one! Now we're ready for another trip back to this or any park! We are taking it out this weekend for the first time and I cannot wait. It's a very nice and roomy one, too and the kids think it's like a big playhouse at this point! LOL

I don't really know what it is b/c sometimes camping does take more preparation and work than going to a resort where you're catered to, but it's still much more relaxing than anything else to me! I can't wait for all the memories we'll be able to create taking the kids out to camp!