Life on the Lake

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Sorry I've been kinda quiet for the past week...we had a fun, full weekend out of town and since being back I've been so busy at work and home I haven't taken much time to post anything. I've got two photo sessions to share soon, but haven't finished going through all the pics yet.

This past weekend we took the camper to the lake for the first time and it was a blast! We took it up to my hometown and found a beautiful spot on the lake - this was the view when we walked out of the camper...
Our view for the rest of the weekend! #lake #camping
What more could you possibly want??
Evening on the lake!
We spent a lot of time with family, fishing, and just relaxing! I am ready to take it out again...very soon! Michael is fishing in a tournament this coming weekend and we do need one weekend to stay at home after that, but maybe the following weekend we'll get to hit the road again. Aaron couldn't get enough of the fishing - looks like daddy is going to have a good fishing buddy on his hands! He practiced his casting all weekend.

Emma wasn't as into the fishing, but she loved being outside and near the water and exploring everywhere with me!
My babes talking it over last night at the waters edge! What a fun weekend we had!
With work being so busy right now I'm thankful for the full weekends away from home to relax, too - relaxing isn't something I've been able to do during the week. And for whatever reason Aaron hasn't been sleeping through the night, coming to wake me several times during the night recently. I take him back to his bed a few times and eventually he ends up just sleeping the rest of the night in our bed...which means I haven't been getting much rest. And did I mention I've started crossfit? I go two nights a week right now - for about two months now. I really need to get a good night's sleep after all that work so I am praying whatever is making him wake up every night so much will remedy itself soon.

That being said - I've been up working tonight, but now that I'm done and was able to sneak in this quick post I'm about to shut my eyes and take advantage while he's snoozing right now! Pray he stays asleep tonight so mama can catch up on her Zzz's!!

Sweet dreams to all!