Annual Easter Egg Hunt @ Grammy's

Thursday, April 04, 2013
Every year our sitter, Grammy, has an Easter Egg hunt for the kids she's kept presently and over the's always a lot of fun and good to see past friends, too! The kids always have a blast and there are TONS of eggs and candy!
This is Aaron & his best bud Jordan!
Egg Hunt
And this cutie is affectionately referred to as Baby Jackson...though he isn't really a baby anymore, but incredibly adorable nonetheless!
 EggHunt (16)
When Emma stayed at Grammy's house Madeline was her running buddy - we don't get to see her as often anymore, though so the girls always have fun catching up over Easter! Madeline is catching up with Emma on height - I think she'll pass up her big brother soon, too!
EggHunt (12)
So, for the past six years this is how we began our Easter holiday...something we always look forward to as well!
EggHunt (11)
EggHunt (10)
And when my kids are both in school I hope we continue going back to hunt eggs at Grammy & Grappy's house!!