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Take me out to the watch football players!

Saturday was such a fun day for us...and I think it's gonna be the first of an annual event for our family, too. We (Houston) have a phenomenal defensive player for the Texans in JJ Watt. The man is pretty awesome - his foundation does so much to help kids.  
Saturday he hosted a softball game - Texans offense vs. defense - and raised over $300,000 for the charity. This money was earmarked to help middle school kids through after school sports programs. I found a cool video from the game through his site, too...check it out!
My kids are big Texans fans - stands to reason living in the house with their father!! They had a blast. Aaron got his football autographed by some of the players, including JJ Watt - I don't think daddy is going to give him back his football now, though! :)
Waiting on that autograph! Got it! Cheesing for pics with the football...and Emma had her picture taken with the SWAT Team... Toro was there and even took a turn at bat and time to sign autographs fo…


I've been lagging on my posts as of real reason except life is busy - which is probably true of most of us these days.

I've had a break from cooking a couple days a week b/c of crossfit - Michael takes dinner duty those nights and he and the kids usually go out or something - last night, though even though I didn't have crossfit I got another break! Came home to daddy grilling it up for us - surf 'n turf style, too!
Thanks babe! It was yummy, too!!

Also - about three months ago I got ombre highlights on my hair -  it was very subtle b/c I was kinda nervous about how it would turn out. You probably saw it if we're friends on FB or if you follow me on Twitter. Well, a couple weeks ago I went back for more...a lot more!! I love it and think it looks awesome for the summer! I wore the same shirt yesterday from the first time I shared my new locks so I decided to show the comparison from the first time - what do you think?
Needless to say 2nd go round was a lo…

Life on the Lake

Sorry I've been kinda quiet for the past week...we had a fun, full weekend out of town and since being back I've been so busy at work and home I haven't taken much time to post anything. I've got two photo sessions to share soon, but haven't finished going through all the pics yet.

This past weekend we took the camper to the lake for the first time and it was a blast! We took it up to my hometown and found a beautiful spot on the lake - this was the view when we walked out of the camper...
What more could you possibly want??
We spent a lot of time with family, fishing, and just relaxing! I am ready to take it out again...very soon! Michael is fishing in a tournament this coming weekend and we do need one weekend to stay at home after that, but maybe the following weekend we'll get to hit the road again. Aaron couldn't get enough of the fishing - looks like daddy is going to have a good fishing buddy on his hands! He practiced his casting all weekend.

Emma w…

Overdue JellyStone Pics

I've  been lax in posting my pics from our trip to JellyStone Park! We had a blast and I had a lot of pictures to post - it's just been busy ever since we came home so I am finally getting around to it now.
Cabin 217 - one of the bare bones Boo Boo cabins - was our home for the weekend. The kids loved it b/c they had bunk beds, which was the coolest thing, of course! And you don't go to JellyStone without meeting Yogi himself, right - or Cindy!! Horseshoe Lake was a treat b/c the kids caught a ton of fish!! And Emma caught a turtle!!! Emma was fine as long as she knew nothing yucky was touching her! Such a girl!! My son on the other hand was like "Bring on the grossness!" Such a boy!! Ewww...he even broke some in two to put on the hooks. Blech! The pond was certainly well stocked and big!  The kids also had a blast on this giant jungle gym...I've never seen one quite this big! This was great for us, too b/c we could sit and relax nearby on a picnic table w…

Picnic in the Park

We spent a fantastic afternoon outside enjoying this incredible weather we've had today - it's been absolutely beautiful and we took full advantage!! We were up early and indulged in some Shipley's for breakfast (sooo bad, I know - but so good, too) and then headed over to the east side of town to my parents' house. We got all packed up and headed to the the park where we spent the next 4 or so hours just playing...I even climbed all over the numerous jungle gyms and acted like a kid myself!
The kids loved being out by the water, too and kept wanting to go swimming - it's still a bit too cold for that, though. Aaron didn't mind just watching it with his Geddo, though!
I told the kids we'd have a movie night tonight - so I got Wreck it Ralph and made them popcorn and a movie night is exactly what they had. I just laid them down and I am sure I heard them snoring before I even made it back to the living room - they had a full day! They will both sleep very go…

Annual Easter Egg Hunt @ Grammy's

Every year our sitter, Grammy, has an Easter Egg hunt for the kids she's kept presently and over the's always a lot of fun and good to see past friends, too! The kids always have a blast and there are TONS of eggs and candy!
This is Aaron & his best bud Jordan!
And this cutie is affectionately referred to as Baby Jackson...though he isn't really a baby anymore, but incredibly adorable nonetheless!
When Emma stayed at Grammy's house Madeline was her running buddy - we don't get to see her as often anymore, though so the girls always have fun catching up over Easter! Madeline is catching up with Emma on height - I think she'll pass up her big brother soon, too!
So, for the past six years this is how we began our Easter holiday...something we always look forward to as well!
And when my kids are both in school I hope we continue going back to hunt eggs at Grammy & Grappy's house!!