The Happiest 5K on the Planet

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
 It was definitely messy and tons of fun, too! We're ready to sign up for another one...
And I think we're gonna look into doing a mud run next! We had a big team from work sign up to run together. Emma & Michael signed up to run with me, too - though Emma didn't make it b/c she was sick. She'll make the next one! We still had one wee one with us, though - Miss Viviana is just over a year old and held out like a trooper in her jogging stroller watching everyone around her & seeing all the colors explode

The Color Run supports Veterans coping with PTSD - and we actually had one such Veteran running in our group, too! By the end of the run our group was about half b/c everyone went to a different part of the post-run party so we didn't get an after shot of the whole dirty bunch together, but I think you can tell from the few we had it was very colorful!!