It's all fun & games...

Monday, March 11, 2013
We decided to go out with the kids Friday night for some gaming fun! We hit up Itz and the first game Emma played she hit the jackpot so they had a ton of tickets right off the bat to turn in for prizes - you know those beloved spider rings!! LOL - actually she got a really cool Hello Kitty doll and about three other things for Aaron!
Emma hit the jackpot, too on her first game - they had over 1200 tickets last night!
SkiBall is my favorite, though and Aaron's too - he loves anything where he can throw a ball!
Lots of family fun!
Family Fun

It's Spring Break this week, but we have a work offsite Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'm working for most of the week, but then we plan on having fun with our little ones as soon as that's over and doing something new! And the weather is sooo nice right now, I just hope it stays that way when I finally do get to enjoy Spring Break and get out of the office!