For the love of RSS Feeds...

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Can someone direct me to a clean, simple RSS Reader that I can easily organize my reads into folders and sort through quickly??? Is that too much to ask?

I've been a devoted Google Reader user for a long time and since their recent announcement have been trying to find a comparable alternative.
So far, honestly, I've only tried two - Feedly & Bloglovin' and right now I'm leaning more toward Bloglovin...

It is pretty clean and simple and as I am learning to navigate their site I think this might be where I end up for good for my new reader if I don't find anything else I like better.

I don't only use a reader for blogs, though - there are several other sites I subscribe to as well and when I imported my reads from Google Reader I lost all my folders. So now I have to go through the pain fun of organizing them all over again! It'll be a good time to clean up my lists, though honestly - purging is good for the soul, right?

The App is pretty good - right now, though it's only available for the iPhone, not for the iPad.

So, what have you found to use if you were a Google Reader fan to replace it going forward???