Emma @ Work

Friday, March 22, 2013
Emma woke up this morning with a fever...we don't need to go through the weekend with the doctor's office closed if something comes up, so she is out of school today and at work with me. We called in & the earliest appointment is 2:45, so she'll be hanging out with me a while today.

We brought the iPad and some other stuff to keep her entertained...she could have gone to the sitter with Aaron, but the office is more fun, right?? Well...at least it'll keep her still and not running around getting hot and sweaty when she needs to rest.
Emma came to work with me today, but she isn't getting much "work" done!!
 I'd say she is making herself pretty comfortable here, too - don't ya think?? She has managed to create quite the little nest for herself in the corner of my office!
She's made herself a little nest in my office!!
Friday is a good day for her to be here, too b/c half the people are out of the office - it's usually a bit quieter. I try to make Fridays my "catch-up" days b/c the phone isn't ringing quite as much and the emails are fewer...

Her little corner looks more fun than my desk - maybe I'll join her down on the ground and play some!