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The Happiest 5K on the Planet

It was definitely messy and tons of fun, too! We're ready to sign up for another one...
And I think we're gonna look into doing a mud run next! We had a big team from work sign up to run together. Emma & Michael signed up to run with me, too - though Emma didn't make it b/c she was sick. She'll make the next one! We still had one wee one with us, though - Miss Viviana is just over a year old and held out like a trooper in her jogging stroller watching everyone around her & seeing all the colors explode

The Color Run supports Veterans coping with PTSD - and we actually had one such Veteran running in our group, too! By the end of the run our group was about half b/c everyone went to a different part of the post-run party so we didn't get an after shot of the whole dirty bunch together, but I think you can tell from the few we had it was very colorful!!

Expressing their creative side...

Saturday we let the kids be creative and a little destructive all at the same time! We got some cinder blocks and let them decorate them with broken tiles and glass tiles - they had a ball!!! Initially daddy did all the destruction... but after a while of just gluing on the pieces, Aaron decided he would rather create the broken pieces for Emma to arrange on the blocks! He just wanted to break up the rest of the tiles! When it was all done daddy helped them put the dirt and flowers in their new planters and set them out to admire...they were pleased with their work! I think they did a good job - now they have their own flowers to water and take care of, too!

For the love of RSS Feeds...

Can someone direct me to a clean, simple RSS Reader that I can easily organize my reads into folders and sort through quickly??? Is that too much to ask?

I've been a devoted Google Reader user for a long time and since their recent announcement have been trying to find a comparable alternative.
So far, honestly, I've only tried two - Feedly & Bloglovin' and right now I'm leaning more toward Bloglovin...

It is pretty clean and simple and as I am learning to navigate their site I think this might be where I end up for good for my new reader if I don't find anything else I like better.

I don't only use a reader for blogs, though - there are several other sites I subscribe to as well and when I imported my reads from Google Reader I lost all my folders. So now I have to go through the pain fun of organizing them all over again! It'll be a good time to clean up my lists, though honestly - purging is good for the soul, right?

The App is pretty good - right …

Emma @ Work

Emma woke up this morning with a fever...we don't need to go through the weekend with the doctor's office closed if something comes up, so she is out of school today and at work with me. We called in & the earliest appointment is 2:45, so she'll be hanging out with me a while today.

We brought the iPad and some other stuff to keep her entertained...she could have gone to the sitter with Aaron, but the office is more fun, right?? least it'll keep her still and not running around getting hot and sweaty when she needs to rest.
 I'd say she is making herself pretty comfortable here, too - don't ya think?? She has managed to create quite the little nest for herself in the corner of my office! Friday is a good day for her to be here, too b/c half the people are out of the office - it's usually a bit quieter. I try to make Fridays my "catch-up" days b/c the phone isn't ringing quite as much and the emails are fewer...

Her little corner…

Beautiful Niece

We have a beautiful new niece...don't you agree!?!? Congratulations to Steven, Jamie, Big Sister Katelynn and Big Brother Jacob!!
She likes me already - can't you tell!?!?! And Aaron was all over her - he couldn't get enough! It was so cute!!! Emma, surprisingly, was a little uncertain - it's strange b/c she wasn't that way at all when her own little brother arrived. I don't know what was on her mind yesterday, though seeing her new baby cousin. Welcome to the family Beautiful Adalyn!!

Pleasure Pier

This past week was Spring Break...I had to work for most of it, but got off toward the end of the week and we spent all day yesterday playing. It was a great day to be outside - the most perfect weather we've had in a long time. We had a blast and both kids were super tuckered out by the time we made it home at nearly midnight!!
We got up early & drove south down to Galveston Friday and spent the day at Pleasure Pier. It was our first visit and surely won't be our last!
We played games, rode all the rides, had yummy carnival treats, and just had fun all day! The teacups are always a big hit and the kids had us spinning super fast! And we had the best view in town for the sunset - the top of the Ferris Wheel, which we rode more than once! It was our favorite ride by the end of the day! And it's great that it is so close - we can spend all day there and then come home to our own beds!

Easter Cookies

The kids had a friend over this afternoon & decorated Easter Cookies - I think there was more icing ate than actually made it onto the cookies, but they still did a great job!

And of course, when you're done decorating comes the best part...eating the cookies!

It's all fun & games...

We decided to go out with the kids Friday night for some gaming fun! We hit up Itz and the first game Emma played she hit the jackpot so they had a ton of tickets right off the bat to turn in for prizes - you know those beloved spider rings!! LOL - actually she got a really cool Hello Kitty doll and about three other things for Aaron!
SkiBall is my favorite, though and Aaron's too - he loves anything where he can throw a ball!
Lots of family fun!
It's Spring Break this week, but we have a work offsite Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'm working for most of the week, but then we plan on having fun with our little ones as soon as that's over and doing something new! And the weather is sooo nice right now, I just hope it stays that way when I finally do get to enjoy Spring Break and get out of the office!

Rodeo Time in Houston

We hit up the rodeo again this year. It seemed to be a lot more low key for the Kubeczkas this year, though. We still had a great time, but didn't make it a point to hit every single game & ride like we did in years past. Aaron was my little daredevil this year, though - he wanted to go on every ride he was tall enough for - maybe b/c this was the first year he was big enough to ride anything on his own! One, though he wasn't big enough to ride alone, so daddy had to be his passenger!! Emma didn't ride as many rides as Aaron this year surprisingly, but she did ride a bronco... Hee Hee!!
And she really got her cowgirl on this year & got a brand new hat - which she's worn daily since I think! Food? Was there food? Good carnival food, too - anything and everything you could fry, even Cherry Koo-laid apparently! No, we didn't try that, but I did try an Oreo, just so I could say I did...I wasn't that impressed, but Aaron loved it! I think he liked the Space…