Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Four day weekends are fabulous, but they make it a little bit harder to come back to work when it’s over! Friday was my regular Friday off and it was a full day of errands, but in the middle of all the busy my parents came over & we had lunch with Emma at school! We surprised her so she was super excited!!
Lunch with Geddo
& Teta at Emma's school!
Over the course of the weekend we did a lot of work outside – a spring yard cleaning if you will & ended up with a lot of clippings to be hauled away, so we had someone come out & trim our trees & take everything away.  Everything looks so nice & neat again now!

Sunday after church I made up some new yummy goodness for brunch, too – these babies were so good! And though it was a mistake, it turned out to make it better that I had bought garlic rolls instead of the regular ones. So good!
Made some yummy b'fast
We spent all day Sunday outside, too though this time we played!!
Weee...it's so beautiful
Emma &
We did make a trip to the store once, too b/c we needed a good dessert for after dinner…strawberry shortcake is definitely a favorite & when daddy showed the kids how to spray the RediWhip directly in their mouth it was all over!!! LOL
This is how ya make
strawberry shortcake!!!
Yesterday was another errand day since I had the day off. I had an appointment with the neurologist (migraines) first thing in the morning and  I also went shopping for Aaron’s b’day and I think I’ve got everything I need. His party is outdoors so now I am just prayer for good weather for the weekend!!

Hope you have a fabulous week - it's a short work week for me again - so happy for that!