Valentines For All

Friday, February 15, 2013
Michael never forgets our babies on Valentine's Day! And he knows just what they like - Trains for Aaron & Barbie for Emma!
I love that Michael always get Valentines for our babies! Thanks for the roses, they're beautiful!!
(Please excuse my messy kitchen in the background - after Michael left for work I came out from getting ready for work myself and found this & just snapped a picture w/out taking care of the mess behind! LOL)

Me? I got the beautiful flowers! So pretty!!
Today Aaron and I are hanging out till Emma comes home from school - we may go meet her for lunch, too. My parents are coming to see us today some time so we have to see what our schedule brings.

Playing at home today, though I tried out something I found on Pinterest - DIY Matte Nail Polish. Apparently cornstarch and clear nail polish is all you need, too! I have the best top coat - it's Seche Vite. It dries super fast and keeps my manicure looking good for days. Today I added a bit of cornstarch and voila - matte finish it is!
Was a little skeptical, but cornstarch and clear top coat really does give a matte finish! #nails
Love it when suggestions really do work!

Happy Friday!

*Update* Well, I am sad to report that my happiness over my DIY matte nails was short lived. After about 3-4 hours they started to turn white & washed out looking. 
Praised the DIY matte nailed too soon. After 3-4 hours they started turning white & washed out looking. #NailFail
Don't know if it's b/c of the kind of top coat I used or if I used too much cornstarch or what, but it didn't work nonetheless. I may give it another try and change it up a little and see if any of these factors were the reason - I'll keep ya updated if I do. If you've tried this, though let me know how yours turned out. #NailFail