Snaggletooth! Snaggletooth!

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Emma lost her first tooth Friday night! It had actually been lose for a long time before it finally came out!
Emma is a snaggletooth!!! She lost her first tooth tonight!!!!
The Tooth Fairy came to see her and was pretty generous - her money was covered in Fairy Dust, too! She can't wait to show everyone at school tomorrow!!!

We also worked on her Valentine's this afternoon - well, Emma posed and I worked on them! LOL
It's a Pinterest inspired idea (surprise, surprise!), but I love how they turned out! Today was a perfect rainy day for an indoor craft project, too.  I added a rose to her hand, though so when the sucker came out it wouldn't look funny - like she was just holding her fist out! LOL

I've had to chase Aaron away from the bag of suckers - he got one and I kept seeing those little hands reach over the top of the table trying to sneak another one!!! He's been a character today, too - he went with me today to pick up the pictures and proceeded to tell the cashier, "I was in my mommy's tummy...and then I came out!!" Ha ha - I had their ultrasound pictures out earlier & showed him his pictures so he had it on the brain the rest of the afternoon I guess!
My cute little man!!