Next Stop...Broadway???

Wednesday, February 06, 2013
Well, maybe they aren't ready for Broadway yet, but Emma's Kindergarten class did such a great job last night at their Kindergarten Musical! Emma was Rapunzel (ha...fitting) and she did so good! I was very proud of my big girl!!! She said she was nervous, but also said she had fun and you couldn't tell she was nervous at all. None of the kids seemed nervous to be honest - they all looked like they had a blast!

I was very impressed with Mother Goose - she had a lot of character when she gave her lines & even had a solo song - they've got a real singer there!! 

Note to self, though for next time - get there way early! We thought we were early, but I think some of these parents must have camped out to get a good seat! We were pretty far in the back...AND bring my 300mm next time in case these early birds still beat us to the front row!! LOL
Kindergarten Musical
There's my big girl up to the mic - no fear baby!!!
You can tell Aaron was so into it - I think he was trying to run away in the picture with Emma, Michael, & me...we were hanging onto him! That school is in for it when he arrives!! :)

Great job Emma - we are so proud of you!!!