Monday, February 04, 2013

Celebrating 70 Years

This past weekend we went up to East Texas to celebrate my Aunt's 70th Birthday - it was a surprise party actually. I love surprise parties! I think she knew that a few people were coming into town and we were going to have a nice family dinner, she did not know almost all the family (which is huge) was going to be there & half the town! I think the estimate was about 150 people! LOL

Needless to say - she was surprised!
My cousin did a great job pulling it all together - she was so stressed out over it, too but it all turned out great!

It was a beautiful weekend to be up on the lake, too - we took advantage and went down to the marina in town & to another that has been recently renovated just outside of town. Well, maybe not recent, but I haven't been to it since I moved so I hadn't seen all the changes. It's so beautiful out there - I'm ready for another weekend to spend just on the lake!
This time of year the trees are so many different colors...and the lake was so calm and, when it's like that it can really be hard to leave!


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