Barbie Beauty Shop

Thursday, February 21, 2013
I do admit that my daughter is a fan of Barbie...and I do admit that I was a huge Barbie fan when I was little, too! Don't judge!! What can I say - Barbie has everything and it is just a lot of fan to play with it all!

Last night Barbie got a full on dose of beauty shop!
Barbie Collage
With Emma, though I think it's more about the fashion and the style than having her dolls interact, b/c more than anything she is constantly changing their clothes & working on their hair.

Lord help us when she's a teenager when it comes to her wardrobe!!! She already has more clothes than me and cuter outfits, too and the worst punishment I can inflict on her is to not let her pick out her own clothes. It's the best way I can get her to listen, though so I'll use it.She has even quit asking to buy dolls now & just wants to buy new outfits for them when we go to the store - it really is about the clothes now!

She has put together some pretty far out there outfits of her own & honestly I don't make her change that often. It drives Michael crazy, though when she walks out in a wild, layered outfit of various colors! And her look definitely is not all girlie - she doesn't come out in all ribbons & bows & covered in pink.

She is starting to play in the makeup more these days, too. She has a couple little play makeup sets and quite often when I can't find her she is in front of her mirror getting dolled up and on a couple occasions I have even found her working on her little brother, too! LOL

I think I am going to have a fashionista on my hands!