Bad Mommy...

Monday, February 25, 2013
that's me. Because I have not yet done a post about my handsome boy's birthday or his party. Aaron's birthday was Saturday and we had his party Sunday and we have not stopped long enough for me to even look at all the pictures on my camera.

I will say that he had a fantastic weekend, though!! We had another birthday party to go to Saturday (which was why I moved his to Sunday) and he got to create a Build-a-Bear!
Yesterday at Addison's Build-a-Bear party! It's been a fun weekend of bday parties!

We were out & about all day before and after the party it felt like...then Sunday morning got up for church & had to run get the cake a couple more last minute items before we headed out to his party. I must say he had such a fun time! When we arrived he just said, "I'm SO excited!!!" And needless to say it really wore him out, too!
My birthday boy has passed out!!!

He didn't even get up when we stopped at IHOP for a quick and easy dinner - he just slept on the booth next to me the whole time!!

I promise to get all the pictures up soon with a party recap, too!