Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did I show you what an artist my daughter is...

well, she is!! Just check out this spotted frog she drew! It's now hanging in my office, by the way, for all to admire!

Emma's Frog Masterpiece!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Baby Turned Three!!

So every year the kids get to sit in Grannie’s rocking chair to take their birthday picture – if you’re a regular reader I am sure you’ve seen these pics before – this is the only piece of furniture I am sure to have for a long time so it’s the perfect spot to sit my babes every year & chronicle their growth!

Aaron figured out that 3 is a harder number to show on his fingers than 1 or 2! He’s still working on it, though and Emma tries to help him out regularly! He’ll get it I’m sure!
Aaron Turns
These are his last two rocking chair pics!
Aaron at 1 and 2
I think this was one of my favorite birthday parties! The kids all had a blast & there was so much to see & do at Old MacDonald’s Farm! Everyone got to get up close & personal with all the animals to pet & feed them. There were horses to ride, playgrounds to play on, a hay barn with a rope swing, a duck pond, a train to ride, a huge mountain of dirt to play on and move!!  And I think our kids did it all!!! 

Aaron was so excited & that’s just what he told us when we drove up, too – “I’m so excited!!!”  We had a wonderful crowd, too. I am so thankful at how blessed my kids are to have such great family and friends that love them dearly!
Aaron's 3rd
Aaron's 3rd
Aaron's 3rd
My great-niece Gianna landed the fatal blow to the piƱata and the mad dash for candy began!! LOL
Gianna’s & her mommy gave Aaron a cute little outfit with this adorable hat that he continued to wear for the rest of the day & into the night!! 
This was Aaron standing up to say THANKS to everybody that came to his Thomas Party at Old MacDonald’s Farm!!!
Our Birthday

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bad Mommy...

that's me. Because I have not yet done a post about my handsome boy's birthday or his party. Aaron's birthday was Saturday and we had his party Sunday and we have not stopped long enough for me to even look at all the pictures on my camera.

I will say that he had a fantastic weekend, though!! We had another birthday party to go to Saturday (which was why I moved his to Sunday) and he got to create a Build-a-Bear!
Yesterday at Addison's Build-a-Bear party! It's been a fun weekend of bday parties!

We were out & about all day before and after the party it felt like...then Sunday morning got up for church & had to run get the cake a couple more last minute items before we headed out to his party. I must say he had such a fun time! When we arrived he just said, "I'm SO excited!!!" And needless to say it really wore him out, too!
My birthday boy has passed out!!!

He didn't even get up when we stopped at IHOP for a quick and easy dinner - he just slept on the booth next to me the whole time!!

I promise to get all the pictures up soon with a party recap, too!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barbie Beauty Shop

I do admit that my daughter is a fan of Barbie...and I do admit that I was a huge Barbie fan when I was little, too! Don't judge!! What can I say - Barbie has everything and it is just a lot of fan to play with it all!

Last night Barbie got a full on dose of beauty shop!
Barbie Collage
With Emma, though I think it's more about the fashion and the style than having her dolls interact, b/c more than anything she is constantly changing their clothes & working on their hair.

Lord help us when she's a teenager when it comes to her wardrobe!!! She already has more clothes than me and cuter outfits, too and the worst punishment I can inflict on her is to not let her pick out her own clothes. It's the best way I can get her to listen, though so I'll use it.She has even quit asking to buy dolls now & just wants to buy new outfits for them when we go to the store - it really is about the clothes now!

She has put together some pretty far out there outfits of her own & honestly I don't make her change that often. It drives Michael crazy, though when she walks out in a wild, layered outfit of various colors! And her look definitely is not all girlie - she doesn't come out in all ribbons & bows & covered in pink.

She is starting to play in the makeup more these days, too. She has a couple little play makeup sets and quite often when I can't find her she is in front of her mirror getting dolled up and on a couple occasions I have even found her working on her little brother, too! LOL

I think I am going to have a fashionista on my hands!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Four day weekends are fabulous, but they make it a little bit harder to come back to work when it’s over! Friday was my regular Friday off and it was a full day of errands, but in the middle of all the busy my parents came over & we had lunch with Emma at school! We surprised her so she was super excited!!
Lunch with Geddo
& Teta at Emma's school!
Over the course of the weekend we did a lot of work outside – a spring yard cleaning if you will & ended up with a lot of clippings to be hauled away, so we had someone come out & trim our trees & take everything away.  Everything looks so nice & neat again now!

Sunday after church I made up some new yummy goodness for brunch, too – these babies were so good! And though it was a mistake, it turned out to make it better that I had bought garlic rolls instead of the regular ones. So good!
Made some yummy b'fast
We spent all day Sunday outside, too though this time we played!!'s so beautiful
Emma &
We did make a trip to the store once, too b/c we needed a good dessert for after dinner…strawberry shortcake is definitely a favorite & when daddy showed the kids how to spray the RediWhip directly in their mouth it was all over!!! LOL
This is how ya make
strawberry shortcake!!!
Yesterday was another errand day since I had the day off. I had an appointment with the neurologist (migraines) first thing in the morning and  I also went shopping for Aaron’s b’day and I think I’ve got everything I need. His party is outdoors so now I am just prayer for good weather for the weekend!!

Hope you have a fabulous week - it's a short work week for me again - so happy for that!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines For All

Michael never forgets our babies on Valentine's Day! And he knows just what they like - Trains for Aaron & Barbie for Emma!
I love that Michael always get Valentines for our babies! Thanks for the roses, they're beautiful!!
(Please excuse my messy kitchen in the background - after Michael left for work I came out from getting ready for work myself and found this & just snapped a picture w/out taking care of the mess behind! LOL)

Me? I got the beautiful flowers! So pretty!!
Today Aaron and I are hanging out till Emma comes home from school - we may go meet her for lunch, too. My parents are coming to see us today some time so we have to see what our schedule brings.

Playing at home today, though I tried out something I found on Pinterest - DIY Matte Nail Polish. Apparently cornstarch and clear nail polish is all you need, too! I have the best top coat - it's Seche Vite. It dries super fast and keeps my manicure looking good for days. Today I added a bit of cornstarch and voila - matte finish it is!
Was a little skeptical, but cornstarch and clear top coat really does give a matte finish! #nails
Love it when suggestions really do work!

Happy Friday!

*Update* Well, I am sad to report that my happiness over my DIY matte nails was short lived. After about 3-4 hours they started to turn white & washed out looking. 
Praised the DIY matte nailed too soon. After 3-4 hours they started turning white & washed out looking. #NailFail
Don't know if it's b/c of the kind of top coat I used or if I used too much cornstarch or what, but it didn't work nonetheless. I may give it another try and change it up a little and see if any of these factors were the reason - I'll keep ya updated if I do. If you've tried this, though let me know how yours turned out. #NailFail  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snaggletooth! Snaggletooth!

Emma lost her first tooth Friday night! It had actually been lose for a long time before it finally came out!
Emma is a snaggletooth!!! She lost her first tooth tonight!!!!
The Tooth Fairy came to see her and was pretty generous - her money was covered in Fairy Dust, too! She can't wait to show everyone at school tomorrow!!!

We also worked on her Valentine's this afternoon - well, Emma posed and I worked on them! LOL
It's a Pinterest inspired idea (surprise, surprise!), but I love how they turned out! Today was a perfect rainy day for an indoor craft project, too.  I added a rose to her hand, though so when the sucker came out it wouldn't look funny - like she was just holding her fist out! LOL

I've had to chase Aaron away from the bag of suckers - he got one and I kept seeing those little hands reach over the top of the table trying to sneak another one!!! He's been a character today, too - he went with me today to pick up the pictures and proceeded to tell the cashier, "I was in my mommy's tummy...and then I came out!!" Ha ha - I had their ultrasound pictures out earlier & showed him his pictures so he had it on the brain the rest of the afternoon I guess!
My cute little man!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Next Stop...Broadway???

Well, maybe they aren't ready for Broadway yet, but Emma's Kindergarten class did such a great job last night at their Kindergarten Musical! Emma was Rapunzel (ha...fitting) and she did so good! I was very proud of my big girl!!! She said she was nervous, but also said she had fun and you couldn't tell she was nervous at all. None of the kids seemed nervous to be honest - they all looked like they had a blast!

I was very impressed with Mother Goose - she had a lot of character when she gave her lines & even had a solo song - they've got a real singer there!! 

Note to self, though for next time - get there way early! We thought we were early, but I think some of these parents must have camped out to get a good seat! We were pretty far in the back...AND bring my 300mm next time in case these early birds still beat us to the front row!! LOL
Kindergarten Musical
There's my big girl up to the mic - no fear baby!!!
You can tell Aaron was so into it - I think he was trying to run away in the picture with Emma, Michael, & me...we were hanging onto him! That school is in for it when he arrives!! :)

Great job Emma - we are so proud of you!!!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Celebrating 70 Years

This past weekend we went up to East Texas to celebrate my Aunt's 70th Birthday - it was a surprise party actually. I love surprise parties! I think she knew that a few people were coming into town and we were going to have a nice family dinner, she did not know almost all the family (which is huge) was going to be there & half the town! I think the estimate was about 150 people! LOL

Needless to say - she was surprised!
My cousin did a great job pulling it all together - she was so stressed out over it, too but it all turned out great!

It was a beautiful weekend to be up on the lake, too - we took advantage and went down to the marina in town & to another that has been recently renovated just outside of town. Well, maybe not recent, but I haven't been to it since I moved so I hadn't seen all the changes. It's so beautiful out there - I'm ready for another weekend to spend just on the lake!
This time of year the trees are so many different colors...and the lake was so calm and, when it's like that it can really be hard to leave!