Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working @ Home with Emma

I mentioned earlier Emma tested positive on Sunday for not only the flu, but strep too. She was out of school Monday already for MLK day so I worked from home Monday to be with her. Monday night she and Aaron both spent the night with my parents & stayed home with them Tuesday. I thought she'd be back in school today. Her fever came back yesterday, though so I worked from home again today to stay with her.

Needless to say she's been bored - I took Aaron to the sitter so I could work and she could rest - and I won't let her go outside. I know, I'm a mean mommy!

She's mostly just laid around today - but she needs the rest to get well.
She's mostly just laid around & watched cartoons - sat and "worked" with me a while - ate very little - but she's getting in plenty of fluids, so that is good! She hasn't run fever today so depending on how the rest of her night goes and the morning she may get to go back to school tomorrow - if not she'll get a day alone with daddy tomorrow!

I've actually got a LOT of work done today. It's actually good to work on big projects at home b/c I don't have interruptions - the phone ringing or people coming into my office. So it was super productive for me today!

I did have a fabulous distraction today, came in the box with a smile!!
On I love it when that box with a smile arrives!! Brought my new lens today!! Squeee!!! #24-70mm
I never splurge on myself...and in a week I've bought a new Coach purse and my new 24-70mm lens! Sooo excited to take this baby out! I only snapped a couple pics in the house of Emma when I took it out of the box so far!
Oooohhhh the fun we are going to have! I think this lens will 100% replace my kit lens, too! I want one more to complete my stock, but it may be awhile before I feel I can splurge on myself again.


  1. I hope she is on the mend! Exciting about the new lense!

  2. Awww hope your baby feels better soon! Congrats on the new lens!

    - Lauren

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  3. Congratulations on the new lens!!!
    I hope Emma was able to go back to school. I know you have another sick one, though!


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