New Found Faves

Thursday, January 17, 2013
So Emma's hair is long - really long. We just got it cut again, but it's still down to her rear! And she likes to wear it down everyday with just a hairband. Honestly, I was exactly the same when I was little. I actually had a near permanent crease in my hair b/c I wore hairbands daily - my niece, too! 

See how long her hair is???
Well, as you can imagine this much hair isn't to low maintenance - washing & conditioning takes a while as well as the brushing. Emma is no longer tender-headed due to sitting at the mercy of my hand while I brush through the tangles she gets!

Till now I've always used my paddle brush, but the last time we got her hair cut I bought the brush the stylist always used. It's called a KnotGenie & it's freaking fantastic!! I really would not have believed it had I not seen & used it myself.
It has something to do with the various lengths of the bristles or something, but it combs through her hair & gets out all the tangles without torturing her at all! We bought the smaller size, but it does come one size bigger. And what else is cool is that the top part pops off so you can store pony tail holders or clips inside - very convenient! 

Another new fave I've recently found is for me...Sandaleyes by Rimmel! When it comes to mascara I've run the gamut!  There are a couple more out there that are probably tied for my favorite, but this one is definitely the cheaper of them all so far and just as awesome!
When I get a new mascara to try I first try it out on a totally clean face - no shadow or liner to get in the way of what it's really doing - so this was the night I bought this one. 
Yeah - I'd say it works well!

No, I haven't been contacted or compensated by either product I'm pimping here - just sharing b/c I can!