Lowes, Gardening, Nails, & Naps

Saturday, January 26, 2013
That's pretty much our Saturday in four words!

We got up this morning and headed out early for breakfast and then hit up Lowes to stock up on building materials for Michael's new garden.
 Home project helpers!! #Lowes
We moved up a section of fence last year to put some more of the front yard into the backyard and now Michael is moving his vegetable garden from the small one he's got right now around the side of the house and make it a much bigger garden! I'm excited b/c I have big plans for the area from the previous garden...something along the lines of a deck and pergola is in my future! But that'll be another post when the time comes!

We made a lot of progress - still need to have dirt hauled in and Michael plans to build a 2nd garden back there, too.
Building vegetable gardens! #workinprogress #homegrown
Since we were in yard mode we ended up trimming up everything, mowing, pulling weeds, etc...everything looks so very nice & neat!

The kids played outside while we worked and I guess they played pretty hard!
My baby boy was tired...though he still isn't feeling 100% either. He went to the doctor yesterday and thankfully tested negative for both strep & flu, but the doctor gave him tamiflu anyway - more as a preventative - and an antibiotic b/c she said his ears were red and had some fluid on it. He is still running a low grade fever early in the morning and in the evenings - I don't understand why it's always like that. Or it's in the middle of the night & no one gets to sleep.

While he napped, Emma & I snuck out for some girlie time!
Hello Kitty-ish nails for Emma!
Tonight we are taking it easy - daddy & Emma headed out to get us takeout and we're gonna veg out in front of a movie. I'm ready for some down time now - I worked hard building that garden frame!! :)