Impromptu Adventure

Sunday, January 20, 2013
That's what the Kubeczkas have been on since was out Friday & luckily it was my Friday off so Emma, Aaron, & I hung out all day! They ran errands with me, got the oil changed in my car, and then we also go in a little park time!
Hit up the park after running a few errands & having a yummy lunch...with dessert!!
So happy for the nice weather we've had after all the yuck!

Then Michael called and said, "Hey get a hotel for tonight on the beach!" Ummm...okay, don't have to tell me twice! So, I called and booked us a room! As soon as he got home from work we loaded up and drove south! We had a fun dinner and then played in the hotel room - the kids were in heaven b/c they got to stay up way past their bedtime and got to jump on the bed. They both looked at me like I was crazy when I said they could! And didn't ask twice!!
Two little monkeys jumping on the bed!
Fun family dinner!
And this was a must as well...
Oh yes...this happened, too!! #Volcano
I think the sugar did something funny to my kids, too - or at least to Aaron!
Well this is new!!!
When it wore off, though they were snuggled and out for the count!
We've have fun playing today...time to slow down & snuggle up! G'night!!
We woke up to a pretty sunrise over the ocean, got some breakfast, and played on the beach a while!
On the seawall... Sea foam
And me 'n my gal! (Wouldn't know she was suffering from a headache not long before!) Me 'n my boy!
We had time to kill before we had to be back in Houston so we did a little shopping...squeee!!
Thank you!!
Hey - I don't feel bad! The kids made out like bandits, too!!

After shopping, enjoying the beautiful day, and a yummy dinner we headed to the stadium! It was time to get into some redneck fun at Monster Jam. It's loud and exciting and the kids love it!
Time to get our redneck on!! You think he likes it?!?!
It does make for a late night, though - I think we made it home a little after 11pm!

We had a birthday party planned today and a sleepover with Teta tonight, but Emma just woke up with a we are headed to the clinic shortly since the pediatrician is closed today and gonna get swabbed for the flu. Fingers crossed it isn't that, but everyone seems to be getting it this year - I'd rather catch it quick and know for sure what it is, though to get her on some Tamiflu and knock it out of her system. My kids have pretty tough immune systems - we're blessed we don't make many trips to the doc throughout the year except for checkups. If one gets something, though the other usually isn't long to I may take Aaron just to get checked out with her. Just to be safe. 

So needless to say I think today is going to be a recovery day from a very fun weekend. I'm just glad she was able to have fun before she got sick.

**UPDATE** After posting this today Emma tested positive for not only the flu, but also strep. So, she is on antibiotics for the strep, Tamiflu for the flu, and got a prescription cough syrup for her nasty cough. She's sleeping right now and other than her fever and being a little fatigued hasn't shown many signs of being sick. I just hope b/c we caught it so early she'll get over it quickly and be 100% again soon. And just pray that Aaron doesn't get it - Lysol & hand sanitizer is all going quickly over here!