A Day with Emma

Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Emma and I had a good day together. We started out early taking Aaron to the sitter's house. Today was her first day back and she had surprises for the two toddlers she keeps - brand new Lightening McQueen trikes! They were stoked to say the least!

Since it was just me and my big girl for the rest of the day I figured we'd make a day of it. We started with breakfast as The Egg & I, hit up the mall for a while and got her a haircut while we were there. It ended up I had to go into work for a bit, so Emma got to play office for a while! She thinks it is fun to play with everything in my office and write on my dry erase.

After work was finished she wanted to go ice skating, so I froze my tootsies off while she whirled around the rink. She's gotten pretty good, too. She can spin around once and make it quite a while without needing to hang onto the rail. She also didn't use the walker at all this time! She skated enough to work up an appetite and it was around 2pm by then so we had a late lunch at Salata.

Tonight my big girl is at her first sleep over other than at my parents' house. Granted it is just next door, but its still her first sleepover with a friend. I've been keeping busy this evening so I don't call and check on her every five minutes!! Aaron kept us surely entertained tonight, though and surprisingly was pretty okay with Emma being next door. He only asked for her a couple times!