Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lowes, Gardening, Nails, & Naps

That's pretty much our Saturday in four words!

We got up this morning and headed out early for breakfast and then hit up Lowes to stock up on building materials for Michael's new garden.
 Home project helpers!! #Lowes
We moved up a section of fence last year to put some more of the front yard into the backyard and now Michael is moving his vegetable garden from the small one he's got right now around the side of the house and make it a much bigger garden! I'm excited b/c I have big plans for the area from the previous garden...something along the lines of a deck and pergola is in my future! But that'll be another post when the time comes!

We made a lot of progress - still need to have dirt hauled in and Michael plans to build a 2nd garden back there, too.
Building vegetable gardens! #workinprogress #homegrown
Since we were in yard mode we ended up trimming up everything, mowing, pulling weeds, etc...everything looks so very nice & neat!

The kids played outside while we worked and I guess they played pretty hard!
My baby boy was tired...though he still isn't feeling 100% either. He went to the doctor yesterday and thankfully tested negative for both strep & flu, but the doctor gave him tamiflu anyway - more as a preventative - and an antibiotic b/c she said his ears were red and had some fluid on it. He is still running a low grade fever early in the morning and in the evenings - I don't understand why it's always like that. Or it's in the middle of the night & no one gets to sleep.

While he napped, Emma & I snuck out for some girlie time!
Hello Kitty-ish nails for Emma!
Tonight we are taking it easy - daddy & Emma headed out to get us takeout and we're gonna veg out in front of a movie. I'm ready for some down time now - I worked hard building that garden frame!! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working @ Home with Emma

I mentioned earlier Emma tested positive on Sunday for not only the flu, but strep too. She was out of school Monday already for MLK day so I worked from home Monday to be with her. Monday night she and Aaron both spent the night with my parents & stayed home with them Tuesday. I thought she'd be back in school today. Her fever came back yesterday, though so I worked from home again today to stay with her.

Needless to say she's been bored - I took Aaron to the sitter so I could work and she could rest - and I won't let her go outside. I know, I'm a mean mommy!

She's mostly just laid around today - but she needs the rest to get well.
She's mostly just laid around & watched cartoons - sat and "worked" with me a while - ate very little - but she's getting in plenty of fluids, so that is good! She hasn't run fever today so depending on how the rest of her night goes and the morning she may get to go back to school tomorrow - if not she'll get a day alone with daddy tomorrow!

I've actually got a LOT of work done today. It's actually good to work on big projects at home b/c I don't have interruptions - the phone ringing or people coming into my office. So it was super productive for me today!

I did have a fabulous distraction today, came in the box with a smile!!
On I love it when that box with a smile arrives!! Brought my new lens today!! Squeee!!! #24-70mm
I never splurge on myself...and in a week I've bought a new Coach purse and my new 24-70mm lens! Sooo excited to take this baby out! I only snapped a couple pics in the house of Emma when I took it out of the box so far!
Oooohhhh the fun we are going to have! I think this lens will 100% replace my kit lens, too! I want one more to complete my stock, but it may be awhile before I feel I can splurge on myself again.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Impromptu Adventure

That's what the Kubeczkas have been on since was out Friday & luckily it was my Friday off so Emma, Aaron, & I hung out all day! They ran errands with me, got the oil changed in my car, and then we also go in a little park time!
Hit up the park after running a few errands & having a yummy lunch...with dessert!!
So happy for the nice weather we've had after all the yuck!

Then Michael called and said, "Hey get a hotel for tonight on the beach!" Ummm...okay, don't have to tell me twice! So, I called and booked us a room! As soon as he got home from work we loaded up and drove south! We had a fun dinner and then played in the hotel room - the kids were in heaven b/c they got to stay up way past their bedtime and got to jump on the bed. They both looked at me like I was crazy when I said they could! And didn't ask twice!!
Two little monkeys jumping on the bed!
Fun family dinner!
And this was a must as well...
Oh yes...this happened, too!! #Volcano
I think the sugar did something funny to my kids, too - or at least to Aaron!
Well this is new!!!
When it wore off, though they were snuggled and out for the count!
We've have fun playing today...time to slow down & snuggle up! G'night!!
We woke up to a pretty sunrise over the ocean, got some breakfast, and played on the beach a while!
On the seawall... Sea foam
And me 'n my gal! (Wouldn't know she was suffering from a headache not long before!) Me 'n my boy!
We had time to kill before we had to be back in Houston so we did a little shopping...squeee!!
Thank you!!
Hey - I don't feel bad! The kids made out like bandits, too!!

After shopping, enjoying the beautiful day, and a yummy dinner we headed to the stadium! It was time to get into some redneck fun at Monster Jam. It's loud and exciting and the kids love it!
Time to get our redneck on!! You think he likes it?!?!
It does make for a late night, though - I think we made it home a little after 11pm!

We had a birthday party planned today and a sleepover with Teta tonight, but Emma just woke up with a we are headed to the clinic shortly since the pediatrician is closed today and gonna get swabbed for the flu. Fingers crossed it isn't that, but everyone seems to be getting it this year - I'd rather catch it quick and know for sure what it is, though to get her on some Tamiflu and knock it out of her system. My kids have pretty tough immune systems - we're blessed we don't make many trips to the doc throughout the year except for checkups. If one gets something, though the other usually isn't long to I may take Aaron just to get checked out with her. Just to be safe. 

So needless to say I think today is going to be a recovery day from a very fun weekend. I'm just glad she was able to have fun before she got sick.

**UPDATE** After posting this today Emma tested positive for not only the flu, but also strep. So, she is on antibiotics for the strep, Tamiflu for the flu, and got a prescription cough syrup for her nasty cough. She's sleeping right now and other than her fever and being a little fatigued hasn't shown many signs of being sick. I just hope b/c we caught it so early she'll get over it quickly and be 100% again soon. And just pray that Aaron doesn't get it - Lysol & hand sanitizer is all going quickly over here!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Found Faves

So Emma's hair is long - really long. We just got it cut again, but it's still down to her rear! And she likes to wear it down everyday with just a hairband. Honestly, I was exactly the same when I was little. I actually had a near permanent crease in my hair b/c I wore hairbands daily - my niece, too! 

See how long her hair is???
Well, as you can imagine this much hair isn't to low maintenance - washing & conditioning takes a while as well as the brushing. Emma is no longer tender-headed due to sitting at the mercy of my hand while I brush through the tangles she gets!

Till now I've always used my paddle brush, but the last time we got her hair cut I bought the brush the stylist always used. It's called a KnotGenie & it's freaking fantastic!! I really would not have believed it had I not seen & used it myself.
It has something to do with the various lengths of the bristles or something, but it combs through her hair & gets out all the tangles without torturing her at all! We bought the smaller size, but it does come one size bigger. And what else is cool is that the top part pops off so you can store pony tail holders or clips inside - very convenient! 

Another new fave I've recently found is for me...Sandaleyes by Rimmel! When it comes to mascara I've run the gamut!  There are a couple more out there that are probably tied for my favorite, but this one is definitely the cheaper of them all so far and just as awesome!
When I get a new mascara to try I first try it out on a totally clean face - no shadow or liner to get in the way of what it's really doing - so this was the night I bought this one. 
Yeah - I'd say it works well!

No, I haven't been contacted or compensated by either product I'm pimping here - just sharing b/c I can!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Night

We spent the day on the other side of town celebrating a 3rd birthday! The kids had a blast and we had a great time catching up with friends we haven't got to see in a long time! Aaron did take a spill and went face first onto the floor coming out of one of the bouncers and got rug burn on his nose. He looks a little like Rudolph now! It didn't stop his fun, though
Brooke's Birthday Party
Bounce parties are awesome for a nap, too - Aaron was asleep before we were out of the parking lot & slept the entire hour ride home! Waking just in time for hibachi and sushi dinner before we made it back to the house...they're getting pretty good with the chopsticks!
Sushi & Hibachi
I had a throwback morning, too - went HS with my hair - let it go natural and BIG! Hey, it's Texas - we like everything big! I kinda liked it, though and you may see me let my natural curls do what they want a bit more in future days. I'd forgotten how much faster and easier it was not to tame the curls with a curling iron or flat iron!
Because I haven't worn my hair natural (very curly) or Tx Big in a looonnng time!
Yeah - I think it'll be a good change for a bit.

Time to end this long day finally - gonna curl up and see if we can find a movie!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My Birthday Boy

Today is Michael's *cough* 36th *cough* Birthday!!! I'm married to an old man - LOL!! 
Birthday Boy
This past weekend we had friends over to watch the Texans play, had birthday cookie cake, and sang Happy Birthday to Michael and Willie (Willie's b'day was on the 5th). Kind of an impromptu birthday gathering for both of them with football and dominoes and friends. What more could you ask for!
Birthday Boys
Here are all our Texan Fans!!
Texans Fans
Sunday after I met a friend for brunch we took the kids to the park to play - it turned out to be such a beautiful afternoon - and we gave daddy his b'day present early! I have such a hard time holding onto gifts!! LOL!
And tonight we will take him out to dinner to celebrate his old age! Ha ha! He's only 9 months older than me, I guess I should stop with the old age cracks!

Happy Birthday Sweetie - We Love You!!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Wake up with Waffles

Cinnamon Roll Waffles, that is!! I have posted before about my waffle iron and the goodness that comes out of it...I tried Cinnamon Roll Waffles before and they were a big hit. Then I tried it with a Cranberry Muffin Mix. I love cranberries, so these were my fave! Well, this morning we have two extra little people in our house and I needed to make breakfast for all four - Emma asked for Cinnamon Roll Waffles (they are her fave), but I didn't have, I improvised and I'm pretty proud of myself!!

I used canned biscuits this time since I didn't have the cinnamon rolls and my Pioneer box was empty. I laid out all the biscuits slightly overlapping and pressed them all out. Then I took melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon and using my basting brush brushed it all over the top of my biscuits. I rolled up all the biscuits and starting from one end of the roll cut pieces a little less than an inch wide...then into my waffle maker they went! Being that this was canned biscuits and not cinnamon rolls I had to make the icing, too. I just made a basic powdered sugar and milk icing and drizzled it over the cinnamon roll waffles. Yum-O! These were a hit, too!
Cinnamon Roll Waffles
It actually made a lot, though and we had a lot of leftovers, so I took a plate full to my neighbors while they were still warm and gooey!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Day with Emma

Emma and I had a good day together. We started out early taking Aaron to the sitter's house. Today was her first day back and she had surprises for the two toddlers she keeps - brand new Lightening McQueen trikes! They were stoked to say the least!

Since it was just me and my big girl for the rest of the day I figured we'd make a day of it. We started with breakfast as The Egg & I, hit up the mall for a while and got her a haircut while we were there. It ended up I had to go into work for a bit, so Emma got to play office for a while! She thinks it is fun to play with everything in my office and write on my dry erase.

After work was finished she wanted to go ice skating, so I froze my tootsies off while she whirled around the rink. She's gotten pretty good, too. She can spin around once and make it quite a while without needing to hang onto the rail. She also didn't use the walker at all this time! She skated enough to work up an appetite and it was around 2pm by then so we had a late lunch at Salata.

Tonight my big girl is at her first sleep over other than at my parents' house. Granted it is just next door, but its still her first sleepover with a friend. I've been keeping busy this evening so I don't call and check on her every five minutes!! Aaron kept us surely entertained tonight, though and surprisingly was pretty okay with Emma being next door. He only asked for her a couple times!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas in the Country

We had our last Christmas party this past weekend up in East Texas. This is what I call our "Big Family Christmas" - sometimes it is more like a reunion!! Actually this year, b/c of illness or other issues, this was our smallest group ever. It was still a blast, though and wonderful to get together with family! We had a hayride and bonfire for the kiddos - big and small alike! It wasn't your typical hayride either - we were blazing trails...literally!

Can you spot my little man - he was in his camo, so you know he couldn't be seen!

Christmas in Broaddus
Then we played "the game" - we make homemade gifts or bring a white elephant give and open and steal from everyone! Next year I think we are going to start doing other themes, too like As Seen on TV or Family Games. It's always a riot b/c my brother gets everything stolen from him and gets a little red in the face! Aaron helped him open his present this year...and the big gifts of the night that got stolen were a wooden stool and a very cute Texan scarf - both homemade. Michael Emma ended up with the scarf - go figure!
Christmas in Broaddus
After gifts we headed back outside to the fire, roasted marshmallows, then loaded up on the hayride again to ride out into the pasture for a better view of the fireworks over the pond! It was super cold, but very fun! 
Christmas in Broaddus
It was a great time with family, but we are happy to be home - I think we are holiday'ed out! We had a another gathering at our house last night to ring in the New Year and today I'm making black eyed peas, ham, & cabbage...can't break tradition!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!