My Little Reindeer

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Last weekend was a busy one - as they all seem to be this time of year! Saturday morning we were up early for the Children's Christmas Party my office puts on every year. It's always a blast and the kids have a great time. Lots of games & activities and they get to take their picture with Santa & Mrs. Claus - though, this year Mrs. Claus was being social somewhere when it was our turn, so she didn't get in their picture this year. (I'll share that picture later - waiting on the digital file to be sent).

After the party I had planned to go do a little photo shoot b/c I still hadn't ordered Christmas cards yet (so expect yours late this year, but now you know what pics are on it - LOL). Well, the kids got painted up like little reindeer at the party & really didn't want to wash it off immediately, so Michael said just take their pics with it still on there. Why not??? It's festive after all - so that is exactly what we did!! I have to say I love the little red noses!

And for the record, I did not pose these two - I always complain about how I can't get good pictures of the two of them together looking at the camera and smiling - but I think this must have been their Christmas gift to me b/c they posed, looked right at me, and cheesed for the camera!! I was so proud! Aaron mimicked everything his Big Sister did & when she stood up and put her hand on her knee, that's just what he did, too.  The hand on the hip is all him, though - he does that all. the. time!
My Little Reindeer
And they are so huggy with one another, too (when they aren't fighting) - I got several pictures of them showing sibling love!! They really can be super sweet together.
My Little Reindeer
These two ended up being my favorite of the shoot! Kids don't do well on long photo shoots, so I snapped as fast as I could. We hit up three spots for pictures and I wasn't about to push my luck for much more! And Michael was a great assistant, too. He doesn't have much patience for this kind of stuff, but he really was a big help. Thanks baby!

We have another busy weekend approaching  - more Christmas parties and my daddy is giving a big presentation at church Sunday night. He has been working very hard and we are all going to support him! Frank has also been busy around our house - I'll have his weekly update ready to share Friday!!