Happy 6th Birthday Emma!

Monday, December 03, 2012
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!
We love you to the moon & back!!
Happy 6th Birthday Baby Girl!!! We love you to the moon & back!!!
We had such a fun birthday party this weekend for Emma - it started off a little rocky b/c the place was so crowded, but ended up being a blast!! Last night Michael and I blew up a bunch of balloons & filled her room with them so she woke up in a sea of them & to her little brother jumping on her bed saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tonight we'll have a special dinner of her choosing and more cake...Frank (who is back to his daily visits) actually got into the leftover birthday cake from her party!
Frank snagged one of our balloons to wish Emma happy birthday & he also dug into her cake!! 3/24
And he left her a little note from Santa & himself!

(The rest of our weekend was soooo busy I haven't even taken the pics off my camera from her party - but I'll have a follow up post for those later!  )