Friday Frank Recap

Friday, December 21, 2012
I cannot believe that Frank only has three more visits - that means Christmas will be here in 4 days!! I still have two gifts to go, too - ACK!!! Aaron and I are about to head out to tackle that chore, though and go to Emma's Christmas party at school so hopefully it'll be a productive day!

This morning the kids found Frank giving rides to the other toys - looks like Woody was the last one to climb aboard!
Got your ticket?? Frank gave everyone rides tonight!! 21/24 #elfonashelf
He also read through our Christmas cards (mine are finally going out today - YAY), was caught chillin with Frosty, had a movie night, and a few other adventures you can see below (and via the links following)...he's had a good time with us this year!
Another Week of Frank's Visits

Yesterday I met up with my team for our Christmas lunch celebration and to reveal our Secret Santas...after that Emma had her 6 year check up at the doctor's office. So needless to say, I was driving all over the place yesterday.
Hearing checkup!
Aaron and I will be doing more of that this morning, too whenever we get out of this house. I've been doing a few things around here this morning (including writing this post) - luckily while I'm cleaning or working he is pretty good at entertaining himself - every time I spy on him I catch him in a new spot!
How Aaron spends his mornings before we hit the road!!!
I just got him dressed now actually so I think we're finally about to head out!!