Thursday, December 20, 2012
Have I ever mentioned that I am a procrastinator? Well, wouldn't be surprised that I waited this long to share that bit of information!!

Every year I say that next year I am not going to wait till December to get my Christmas shopping done and every year I'm down to the wire. I actually do have everything bought except for two gifts...and actually one of those I have part, I don't feel too stressed about the gift buying at the moment. I saved a lot of time buying online. I think I bought about half of my gifts online this year.
It's the box with the smile!! (yeah one is frowning...) #Amazon
And I've done some shopping this week - Aaron was with me for a lot of my shopping, too - this will definitely be the last year I'm able to do that. My mom distracted him at checkout yesterday! And I am going to need to find new hiding places soon, too. Right now some are right out in the open - others are still all in bags in the bag of my car. Yeah - my kids are way to observant - I've nearly been busted several times!

Today I'm meeting my group from work for lunch & I hope to make one more trip to look for the last two items on my list. I only have a few more days!! I'm down to the wire on ordering, too - I have thins being delivered tomorrow and if I order anything today it'll be here Saturday - but today will be the last day to order online if I don't find what I'm looking for in the stores! Crossing my fingers I find what I need today!

Are you a procrastinator like me???

Have Fun Shopping!!!