Emma's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Friday afternoon was Emma's Christmas Party at school. The HS Choir came & sang before we went into their classrooms and they were awesome. They sounded beautiful and did a great job entertaining the kids as well with visits from Santa Claus, a Gorilla Claus (don't ask), and even the Grinch showed up to smirk around! The kids got all into it, too! After we headed back to their classrooms for games, crafts, & snacks - and Emma had a nice treat for me & daddy, too!
Haul from Emma's Christmas party at school this afternoon!!
Aaron enjoyed the party, too - he liked playing with the blocks in one of the centers mostly, but he liked playing with the big kids, too!
Christmas Party 1
Christmas Party 2
No more school till next year!!!