Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Emma's Birthday Party

We had a blast at Emma's birthday party - it was pretty crowded at the beginning & I didn't think it was going to turn out well, but I really think all the kids had a great time! Lesson learned - if you have a party at a roller rink choose your time carefully. We were there at one of the busiest times. We will go back, but I think Sunday afternoons are much better! 

Still - I think everyone had fun and Emma had a blast. She is really pretty good on the skates, too! 
Emma's 6th Bday
Even daddy showed us his skills - he stayed on the floor with the kids most of the time - and showed out a little for the camera, too! He's a goof!!!
Thanks to everyone that made it out & made my little girl's birthday special!!

We also took our annual Rocking Chair picture. My Grannie gave me this rocking chair - it was hers - when I was pregnant with Emma. It's probably the only piece of furniture I'll have forever and I thought it was a great way to chronicle the kids' growth each every year on their birthday they climb up in the chair & tell me how old they are! Emma's legs are so long she pretty much sits in it with her feet flat on the ground now. It's scary how fast she is growing up. I am so proud of this little girl!! I love you baby!!
6 Years Old
Here are the past Rocking Chair pictures so you can see how much she has grown!
Rocking Chair 1-5


    So sorry for late wish! May you have many many more beautiful years ahead, you really are a beautiful little girl!

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