Christmas Festivities

Monday, December 24, 2012
Yesterday morning we dressed in our new duds for Church - we only had one service yesterday so it was pretty packed!! Geddo & Teta bought Emma a pretty new dress for Christmas and a new sweater for my handsome little man!
Christmas at Church
After church everyone headed over to my parents' house for dinner. Grannie, Mom & Dad, and all my siblings were there with their kids...and in some cases their kids! I have a big family!! And this is just Mom & Dad's side - next weekend is the extended family Christmas and we about double!

We started the festivities with an animation of the Christmas story that my daddy put together just for all the kids. And Abigail (mom's oldest Great-Grandchild that was there) read us all the Christmas story from the Bible. And we sang every Christmas song we knew!
Abigail Reading the Christmas Story
We ran out front for a few pictures, too - the first one is all the ladies, next is Grannie, Mom & Dad, me & all my siblings, the third one below is one of our Five Generation pics, and the last one is all the guys!
Daddy and Mom wanted a picture to send out to dad's family overseas and I got a few more pics of Grannie with my babies!
Mom, Dad, Grannie & the Kids
My sister hosts a Gingerbread House party every year, but this year we had it at my parents' house. This time of year gets so busy it's hard to find a weekend where everyone is free so we just combined it with dinner at mother's house this year - still tons of fun like every year!!
Making Gingerbread Houses
Thanks sis for always putting this together! Gingerbread Lane looks great!!
Making Gingerbread Houses
I thought I would close with a Christmas Kiss!!
Christmas Kiss
We are celebrating Christmas this evening with Michael's side of the family - until then we're taking it easy today! I still need to run out and grab one gift bag, though and then we are off!