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Frank Returned to the North Pole

More Christmas

Christmas Eve we went to Michael's parents' house to celebrate. The kids love to be able to get together with their cousins to play and I have to say they came home with quite a haul, too. They had a blast and were crashed before we made it halfway home - which was good b/c we didn't have to convince them to go to sleep so that Santa could come drop off their toys!! LOL I think I have to say that Aaron's Cranky Crane was the biggest hit of the evening for him, but I think Jacob's remote control car was the hit with the dads! They were having a blast with that thing - and even Aunt Jamie got involved and helped them build a ramp for them to jump! LOL - I wish I'd taken a video to share!!
This morning Emma was climbing in bed with me around 6:30AM - she came in whispering that Santa had brought toys. I told her okay, just climb in bed with me a little and when Aaron wakes up we'll go check 'em out. Either she was still really tired or she didn't get…

It's Christmas!!

(front & back of our 2012 Christmas Card)

Wishing you and your family a very 
Merry Christmas from the Kubeczka Family!

Christmas Festivities

Yesterday morning we dressed in our new duds for Church - we only had one service yesterday so it was pretty packed!! Geddo & Teta bought Emma a pretty new dress for Christmas and a new sweater for my handsome little man!
After church everyone headed over to my parents' house for dinner. Grannie, Mom & Dad, and all my siblings were there with their kids...and in some cases their kids! I have a big family!! And this is just Mom & Dad's side - next weekend is the extended family Christmas and we about double!

We started the festivities with an animation of the Christmas story that my daddy put together just for all the kids. And Abigail (mom's oldest Great-Grandchild that was there) read us all the Christmas story from the Bible. And we sang every Christmas song we knew!

We ran out front for a few pictures, too - the first one is all the ladies, next is Grannie, Mom & Dad, me & all my siblings, the third one below is one of our Five Generation pics, and …

Emma's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Friday afternoon was Emma's Christmas Party at school. The HS Choir came & sang before we went into their classrooms and they were awesome. They sounded beautiful and did a great job entertaining the kids as well with visits from Santa Claus, a Gorilla Claus (don't ask), and even the Grinch showed up to smirk around! The kids got all into it, too! After we headed back to their classrooms for games, crafts, & snacks - and Emma had a nice treat for me & daddy, too! Aaron enjoyed the party, too - he liked playing with the blocks in one of the centers mostly, but he liked playing with the big kids, too!

No more school till next year!!!


Friday Frank Recap

I cannot believe that Frank only has three more visits - that means Christmas will be here in 4 days!! I still have two gifts to go, too - ACK!!! Aaron and I are about to head out to tackle that chore, though and go to Emma's Christmas party at school so hopefully it'll be a productive day!

This morning the kids found Frank giving rides to the other toys - looks like Woody was the last one to climb aboard!
He also read through our Christmas cards (mine are finally going out today - YAY), was caught chillin with Frosty, had a movie night, and a few other adventures you can see below (and via the links following)...he's had a good time with us this year! 1. Christmas cards have started coming in & we found Frank cozy in the card sleigh reading through them! 15/24 #elfonashelf, 2. Frank & Frosty chillin! 16/24 #elfonashelf, 3. Frank had a movie night obviously! 17/24 #elfonashelf, 4. Aaron spotted Frank being particularly acrobatic this morning! Hope my kids never t…


Have I ever mentioned that I am a procrastinator? Well, wouldn't be surprised that I waited this long to share that bit of information!!

Every year I say that next year I am not going to wait till December to get my Christmas shopping done and every year I'm down to the wire. I actually do have everything bought except for two gifts...and actually one of those I have part, I don't feel too stressed about the gift buying at the moment. I saved a lot of time buying online. I think I bought about half of my gifts online this year.
And I've done some shopping this week - Aaron was with me for a lot of my shopping, too - this will definitely be the last year I'm able to do that. My mom distracted him at checkout yesterday! And I am going to need to find new hiding places soon, too. Right now some are right out in the open - others are still all in bags in the bag of my car. Yeah - my kids are way to observant - I've nearly been busted several times!

Today I…

Praying for the families in Newtown

Lunch with Sister

Aaron and I stopped for Happy Meals and went to school to eat lunch with Emma...a treat for both of them!! Emma asked me this morning if I would come eat with her and when I told her yes she said, "You promise???" - well, of course I had to go! Wouldn't have missed it for the world!
She has pajama day this week and they've been making all kinds of Christmas projects - so it's a fun last week of class before they are out for the holidays! The weather was nice today, too so Aaron and I did a little running around. Now he is watching Thomas b/c I had a little work to do!
Tomorrow daddy will be off with us so I can go see the doctor and we plan to finally finish our Christmas shopping. I'm so behind - I don't even have our Christmas cards in the mail yet! Look for them around New Year's! :)

Find Frank & Christmas Lights

Last night we decided to take a drive & go see some Christmas lights. It wasn't too terribly cold so we drove around with the windows down in the neighborhoods and were able to hear lots of good Christmas music, too - there were a couple houses with the lights set up in time with their music. 

We've also wrapped up another week of Frank's visits...he is a very active little elf! 

1. Emma found Frank hiding out in her stocking!! #elfonashelf, 2. That's not a reindeer Frank!!! #elfonashelf 9/24, 3. Frank is hanging ornaments on the tree. Guess he thought we didn't have enough!! #elfonashelf 10/24, 4. Frank - the ball goes through the hoop...not YOU!! #elfonashelf 11/24, 5. Frank is zip-lining off our Christmas tree!!!! #elfonashelf 12/24, 6. Frank is visiting baby Jesus in the manger tonight. 13/24 #elfonashelf, 7. Can you spot Frank???? #elfonashelf 14/24, 8. Okay...I'll help ya out!!! Here he is! #elfonashelf 14/24
We have another full weekend ahead of us…

My Little Reindeer

Last weekend was a busy one - as they all seem to be this time of year! Saturday morning we were up early for the Children's Christmas Party my office puts on every year. It's always a blast and the kids have a great time. Lots of games & activities and they get to take their picture with Santa & Mrs. Claus - though, this year Mrs. Claus was being social somewhere when it was our turn, so she didn't get in their picture this year. (I'll share that picture later - waiting on the digital file to be sent).

After the party I had planned to go do a little photo shoot b/c I still hadn't ordered Christmas cards yet (so expect yours late this year, but now you know what pics are on it - LOL). Well, the kids got painted up like little reindeer at the party & really didn't want to wash it off immediately, so Michael said just take their pics with it still on there. Why not??? It's festive after all - so that is exactly what we did!! I have to say I love t…

iPhoneography on Friday - Frank & Christmas Decor

Since Frank is visiting us daily now, I thought I would share his weekly exploits with us each Friday for iPhoneography! He is a mischievous little elf, but something tells me that he is just getting warmed up! This morning the kids found that he gone fishing in our fish tank!!
And here's where all they've found him before today...
I'm recording all his adventures on Instragram if you'd like to follow him!!

Last night we finally got our tree up and this year I let Emma take over the decorating!! I think she did a great job, too!
Okay...I may have helped, but just a little bit - honest! Michael and I put the ribbon around the tree and Michael put the angel on top (we need a new tree topper), but everything else was all my big girl!
I think she was proud of herself, too! Now, if we could keep Aaron from taking ornaments off the tree and to quit picking up the ceramic train set we have under the tree we'll be doing great! The boys loves trains, so I have to sa…

Emma's Birthday Party

We had a blast at Emma's birthday party - it was pretty crowded at the beginning & I didn't think it was going to turn out well, but I really think all the kids had a great time! Lesson learned - if you have a party at a roller rink choose your time carefully. We were there at one of the busiest times. We will go back, but I think Sunday afternoons are much better! 
Still - I think everyone had fun and Emma had a blast. She is really pretty good on the skates, too! 
Even daddy showed us his skills - he stayed on the floor with the kids most of the time - and showed out a little for the camera, too! He's a goof!!!

Thanks to everyone that made it out & made my little girl's birthday special!!

We also took our annual Rocking Chair picture. My Grannie gave me this rocking chair - it was hers - when I was pregnant with Emma. It's probably the only piece of furniture I'll have forever and I thought it was a great way to chronicle the kids' growth each y…

Happy 6th Birthday Emma!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!
We love you to the moon & back!! We had such a fun birthday party this weekend for Emma - it started off a little rocky b/c the place was so crowded, but ended up being a blast!! Last night Michael and I blew up a bunch of balloons & filled her room with them so she woke up in a sea of them & to her little brother jumping on her bed saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tonight we'll have a special dinner of her choosing and more cake...Frank (who is back to his daily visits) actually got into the leftover birthday cake from her party!
And he left her a little note from Santa & himself!

(The rest of our weekend was soooo busy I haven't even taken the pics off my camera from her party - but I'll have a follow up post for those later!  )