Tis the season...

Friday, November 16, 2012
...for everyone to get sick.

First it was Aaron...then big sister followed suit. Though, with Emma you never know she is sick. She did not complain one time - then Thursday night she felt a little warm and said her ear hurt. I gave her some Tylenol and she never complained again. Then her ear ruptured (still no complaining, though) and we knew she had an ear infection. Turned out to be two when we finally were able to get in to see the doctor...she is now on antibiotics for ten days, but is still not complaining at all. The girl must have a high tolerance for pain!
Waiting at the doctors office.Reading at the doctor's office!
And now my babysitter is sick, too - she called me Thursday morning at 6am to let me know she couldn't keep Aaron - she did sound terrible, too. And then Thursday evening I talked to her again and she still sounded terrible. She thinks she has strep - uh oh!!! So needless to say, Aaron is having his own little slumber party with Geddo & Teta! They were both planning to spend the night tonight anyway, so Aaron just got one night up on Emma! She didn't think that was fair, but I told her she could have another night all to herself over there...and we got to FaceTime with Aaron last night. By the time the day was ending Emma was really starting to miss Aaron. They go back and forth fighting & playing, but it warms my heart to know they really do love one another & I can see how they miss one another in times like this.
FaceTime with our favorite little man at his slumber party with Geddo & Teta!!
After only one night I'm really missing my boy, too so I'll be anxious to see him tonight even if it's only for a little while when they come to pick up Emma.

Have a great weekend!