It's Thanksgiving & We've Been Playing in the Water

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
This was a great little getaway for our little family to start the Thanksgiving Holiday!!! We headed up to Grapevine to visit the Great Wolf Lodge. I've wanted to check out this place forever & it finally worked out for us to go. We all had a blast and were thoroughly waterlogged by the time our stay was over! The kids had tons of fun in the water, eating breakfast with the characters, pajama story time with all the characters, & going on a scavenger hunt with magic wands through the entire resort!
Breakfast with friends!!
I love Aaron's pjs - my mom made them for him! Aren't they cute??
And don't camo hats go with pjs??? My son seems to think so!
Wave jumping!!!
If you're ever near one of their resorts you should surely check it out! It's so worth the visit!

I haven't even looked at all my pictures from the trip - we came in last night and haven't stopped. I headed out this morning for a family portrait session, after a trip to the grocery store, and now we're getting ready for our first Thanksgiving feast! We've made a tradition of getting together with friends for Thanksgiving as well as our families and tonight is that dinner. Michael has his turkey all ready to fry and I have veggies to roast and cookies cooling! Tomorrow we're hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the house here and then will visit Michael's, no - I haven't had time yet to look at my pics! It's been busy since we walked in the door! I did manage to unpack, but have laundry backing up on me now!

So...if you don't hear from me till after the holiday it's b/c I'll be in a turkey induced coma!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!