Few Randoms in iPhoneography

Friday, November 09, 2012
It's all fun & games...
Poor Emma - Aaron doesn't quite grasp the rules of the game yet, so she had to keep adjusting his player for him b/c he wanted to move it all over the board! LOL
Now!! Playing Princess Friends Forever game with my babies!
They still play so well together, though and I'm so thankful for that.

Aaron has been struggling with his breathing again, but it's just that time of year. He has finally got used to the breathing machine and I can just give it to him and he will keep it in his mouth for the most part. He did run fever a couple days this week so he stayed home Tuesday & Wednesday, but thankfully before we rushed off to the doctor whatever it was cleared up.

He's been fever free now 36 hours. Assuming it was something viral that just had to run it's course. He is still a bit congested so we are continuing breathing treatments a little while longer.

So far Emma has avoided it, but last night she started complaining about her ear so we are watching out for other symptoms. I hate it when they're sick - but we've been blessed that it only happens maybe a couple times a year. We have pretty healthy kiddos!
Brother & Sister
New product I love - I'm pimped the Impressions brand before, but this one by Kiss is pretty awesome, too. This manicure lasted about 3 weeks. I finally took it off just b/c I was ready for something new, not b/c they weren't lasting any longer than that, though.
 Latest mani going on week #3! These are the Kiss brand. So far I like them as much as the Impressions.
And these beautiful flowers all came from my hubby's garden. He cut these & made this pretty arrangement Tuesday...so glad he has a green thumb b/c I surely do not!
Look what's hubby put together from his flower beds!
Tonight is date night. Don't have a clue what we're doing, though - maybe I'll just tell Michael to surprise me.