Tuesday, October 30, 2012
So last night after a busy day and a busy evening (we had fundraiser orders to pick up and had to go vote, too) we finally sat down & carved our pumpkin!! This was the sketch I drew up for our pumpkin - Michael did his own version of it, though! 
Pumpkin Sketch
And it turned out pretty good! I didn't pull out the tea lights last night b/c we were kinda late finishing it, but tonight we'll set it out so the kids can watch it glow!

Emma had fun playing in the yuck, too.  She kept trying to get Aaron to get his hands all in it, but he decided it was better just to use the big spoon! Ha! Aaron looks pretty proud of it though, doesn't he???
We're gonna roast up the seeds tonight, too - I love pumpkin seeds when they're all toasty and crunchy!

Happy Halloween!