Festivals, Parties, & the Water Sprinkler

Monday, October 22, 2012
Sound like a fun weekend to you?? Sounds like the next couple of months to me, biz-eee!!!!

But oh so much fun, so I'm surely not complaining one bit! Friday night my brother came over - he and Michael had a weekend fence project to work on. My parents came over, too & we all had a nice dinner out - Saturday morning we were up & at it again early! The guys went out & got donuts for the kids while they picked up supplies & my parents came back over. We headed out early for the fall festival at our church. There was so much to see & do...the kids had a blast.
SBC Fall Festivalv2
I honestly thought they would pass out at soon as we made it home & take a good nap before we had to head out again, but no such luck there. So, we made lunch, played a while, cleaned up, then got ready to hit up Jacob's birthday party!

They had a blast there, too - we all did! He had a Halloween birthday party so everyone got to dress up in their Halloween attire!
Emma had a twin at the party & Woody found his buddy Buzz, too - they all had a great time! We did, too - great party theme for an October birthday!

Sunday we had yet another festival, but ended up not making it out of the house - I think we were a little wiped out. We did get out & play, though - it's crazy that in October the kids are able to strip down & play in the sprinkler - but it's H-Town. That's how we roll!
Nothing cuter than a naked baby bum I say! Can I just tell you that bedtime was easy last night - Aaron actually passed out about an hour early in the living room - then he was curled up in bed with me around 4am this morning! Snuggles!!

Now it's Monday so I can relax a little at work :-) Yeah right! Things are just as busy at work - though, I am going back to a 9/80 schedule so this is my first 4 day week - anxious to being off every other Friday again!