Emma You Rock

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Emma you inspire me! 

I love your independence! I love that you are a non-conformist, how you follow your own style and your own dreams! I hope you keep that freedom for the rest of your life. You are so unafraid to just be you & I think that is a gift.

You're smart & beautiful & sweet & stubborn & determined & outspoken & I love all that! I love that you want to be the rocker for Halloween instead of the princess! I love that you want to read books every night & do your homework as soon as you bring it home (nerd!!) - that you aren't the procrastinator your mother is!

I love that you like music and want to dance when it's on and that you know the words to so many songs & love to sing them (that's from your daddy)!! I love how you are such a wonderful big sister to Aaron - how you help him put his shoes on every day & always pick him up when you hug him. 

I love how you love the Texans - even so much that your new favorite color is "The Texans color" - red, white, & blue! Unless it's a Texans shirt that is all hot pink - then you love that, too! Your daddy loves this, too & how you chant "Boo Cowboys!" - I know you do it to watch him grin with pride! ;)

I love that broccoli is one of your favorite foods - how, even though you really don't like meat - you love ribs! That you like feta cheese & olives and will eat a bowl of grape tomatoes like it's popcorn. I love how you're you & just a little weird like your mommy! I love how you say the prayers every night at the dinner table before we eat and at bedtime with Aaron. 

I love that threatening to not let you pick out your own clothes is all the motivation you need to jump out of bed in the mornings! And that you want oatmeal every. single. morning. - hey, you know what you like!

I love that when we go for a mani/pedi you want all your nails different or alternating colors & always want glitter! I love how you love all your accessories - that you wanna wear all your bracelets at once & put feathers or flowers in your hair!

I love how your hug me with everything you've got & pick your feet off the ground every time you do! 
If I really talked about all the things I love about you this post would never end!

Just always be you baby - b/c it's you that I love so much! 

You really do rock!