Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So last night after a busy day and a busy evening (we had fundraiser orders to pick up and had to go vote, too) we finally sat down & carved our pumpkin!! This was the sketch I drew up for our pumpkin - Michael did his own version of it, though! 
Pumpkin Sketch
And it turned out pretty good! I didn't pull out the tea lights last night b/c we were kinda late finishing it, but tonight we'll set it out so the kids can watch it glow!

Emma had fun playing in the yuck, too.  She kept trying to get Aaron to get his hands all in it, but he decided it was better just to use the big spoon! Ha! Aaron looks pretty proud of it though, doesn't he???
We're gonna roast up the seeds tonight, too - I love pumpkin seeds when they're all toasty and crunchy!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Visit

We do two Pumpkin Patch visits every year - Saturday was our first at a local Christmas Tree Farm. We started out with a hayride through all the Christmas trees that took us out to a pavilion where we roasted hot dogs & made s'mores. The kids decorated pumpkins & had a competition for the best pumpkins, had their faces painted, and got tons of treats.

We even had sack races - yes, I did race, no I did not win, & no I did not fall either!! Sorry - no pics of that part of the evening!!
Pumpkin Patch
It's beginning to feel look and feel like Fall around here - I love it!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Haven't done one of these in a while...
There is so much to be thankful for...

As always, I'm loving my wonderful family!

I'm loving these two so much & how much they love one another & how well they play together...
Getting a ride!
Don't be fooled that they never fight - oh yes - they do fight...but what brother/sister relationship isn't blessed with the occasional quarrel!?!?

 I am also thankful for the cooler temps the weatherman is predicting for this weekend!
And I'm loving that this is a short work week for me - I need it, too. I have a ton of stuff to get done Friday before the weekend is here!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

At work before sunrise...

though, that won't be the case when the time changes. Right now I can watch it come up over the horizon - and it's pretty spectacular from 27 stories up in the air...
Beautiful #sunrise this morning!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Festivals, Parties, & the Water Sprinkler

Sound like a fun weekend to you?? Sounds like the next couple of months to me, biz-eee!!!!

But oh so much fun, so I'm surely not complaining one bit! Friday night my brother came over - he and Michael had a weekend fence project to work on. My parents came over, too & we all had a nice dinner out - Saturday morning we were up & at it again early! The guys went out & got donuts for the kids while they picked up supplies & my parents came back over. We headed out early for the fall festival at our church. There was so much to see & do...the kids had a blast.
SBC Fall Festivalv2
I honestly thought they would pass out at soon as we made it home & take a good nap before we had to head out again, but no such luck there. So, we made lunch, played a while, cleaned up, then got ready to hit up Jacob's birthday party!

They had a blast there, too - we all did! He had a Halloween birthday party so everyone got to dress up in their Halloween attire!
Emma had a twin at the party & Woody found his buddy Buzz, too - they all had a great time! We did, too - great party theme for an October birthday!

Sunday we had yet another festival, but ended up not making it out of the house - I think we were a little wiped out. We did get out & play, though - it's crazy that in October the kids are able to strip down & play in the sprinkler - but it's H-Town. That's how we roll!
Nothing cuter than a naked baby bum I say! Can I just tell you that bedtime was easy last night - Aaron actually passed out about an hour early in the living room - then he was curled up in bed with me around 4am this morning! Snuggles!!

Now it's Monday so I can relax a little at work :-) Yeah right! Things are just as busy at work - though, I am going back to a 9/80 schedule so this is my first 4 day week - anxious to being off every other Friday again!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Emma You Rock

Emma you inspire me! 

I love your independence! I love that you are a non-conformist, how you follow your own style and your own dreams! I hope you keep that freedom for the rest of your life. You are so unafraid to just be you & I think that is a gift.

You're smart & beautiful & sweet & stubborn & determined & outspoken & I love all that! I love that you want to be the rocker for Halloween instead of the princess! I love that you want to read books every night & do your homework as soon as you bring it home (nerd!!) - that you aren't the procrastinator your mother is!

I love that you like music and want to dance when it's on and that you know the words to so many songs & love to sing them (that's from your daddy)!! I love how you are such a wonderful big sister to Aaron - how you help him put his shoes on every day & always pick him up when you hug him. 

I love how you love the Texans - even so much that your new favorite color is "The Texans color" - red, white, & blue! Unless it's a Texans shirt that is all hot pink - then you love that, too! Your daddy loves this, too & how you chant "Boo Cowboys!" - I know you do it to watch him grin with pride! ;)

I love that broccoli is one of your favorite foods - how, even though you really don't like meat - you love ribs! That you like feta cheese & olives and will eat a bowl of grape tomatoes like it's popcorn. I love how you're you & just a little weird like your mommy! I love how you say the prayers every night at the dinner table before we eat and at bedtime with Aaron. 

I love that threatening to not let you pick out your own clothes is all the motivation you need to jump out of bed in the mornings! And that you want oatmeal every. single. morning. - hey, you know what you like!

I love that when we go for a mani/pedi you want all your nails different or alternating colors & always want glitter! I love how you love all your accessories - that you wanna wear all your bracelets at once & put feathers or flowers in your hair!

I love how your hug me with everything you've got & pick your feet off the ground every time you do! 
If I really talked about all the things I love about you this post would never end!

Just always be you baby - b/c it's you that I love so much! 

You really do rock!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Masters of Disguise

We had fun at the party store today! Emma and Aaron now both have their Halloween costumes...
Fun at the party store!!
and Michael & I got a little something for trick-or-treating, too!  (And no, that picture of Michael by no means is b/c he's supportive of the person that masks portrays!!!)

We've had a fun day running around with the kiddos - now Mommy & Daddy have a hot date tonight!! The fall season is upon us and the weekends are filling up fast with birthday parties (including Emma's), Pumpkin Patch visits, office Christmas parties, kids Christmas parties - it's all about to be here! So we gotta take the few weekends that aren't already booked and run with them!

Now we just need the fall weather - please!!!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Can I just say...

this has to be one of the best purchases I've made in a while! Now I am sure I am not the only person to say they don't like to iron - but here's how much I don't like to iron. My daughter saw the ironing board the other day behind the door in the laundry room & actually asked me what it was!! I'm not kidding! I HATE ironing! Lots of fabric softener and pulling it out of the dryer while it's still smoking are my secret!

BUT, that won't always remedy the wrinkles & after my niece told me how wonderful her garment steamer was (and b/c I've been wanting one forever) I finally gave up and got my own! This thing is uh-maze-ing! Not only does it get all the wrinkles out of the easy stuff - ruffles, it works on ruffles!! And the itty bitty shorts of my little people that always get rolled up on the ends - it works awesome on those, too!
photo 4.JPG
And it's small, folds up even smaller, has a retractable cord, and wheels to make it even easier to move around!

Man, I sound like a commercial - no, I didn't get compensated for this in any way - I just got a new toy and wanted to share!

Oh, the watermarks? Ya noticed, huh? Yeah, well - decided it was time for that, too. I don't know if I really like it yet - maybe if I change it around a bit. I tried it out on a few more pics - see if it grows on me.
The kids (and the adults) have been taking advantage of this wonderful cool snap we've got going on right now - been lots of playing outside lately!

And my boy made his own fashion statement today in his daddy's boots and shorts - yep, those belonged to Michael!!
Boots & Shorts
Much better than the ensemble Emma had him in last night - though even then he had on his boots!
photo 2.JPG
I've really enjoyed being out of the office since last Tuesday - even though a couple of the days were in a class. It's been a nice change of pace. I'm also going back during a sad time - a coworker passed away this morning. He had been battling cancer for over a year. My boss called me this afternoon to let me know. I don't really know how the rest of the week is going to go for everyone. He was only 51 with two teenage children. Makes me just want to bring my babies into our bed and hold them as long as I can. It's strange, but it just doesn't feel like it's real - I guess b/c I have been out of the office this past week and b/c he has been on leave for a while. I had just texted him last Thursday to let him know I was thinking about it and he usually answers. Now I know he had taken a turn, which is why I hadn't heard back from him.

I hate cancer...

Friday, October 05, 2012

Finally Got a Blue Room

Is it weird that I've always wanted a blue room in the house??? Well, now I have one - our master bathroom is blue...very blue & I love it!

We actually did this a while back, but I haven't taken the time to take pictures till now. I still have some work to do in there actually - I can't decide if I want to paint the toilet room (not the same color though) or leave it white. And I still need to put some things on the shelves in there - the shelves that my hubby hung for me!

I love the canvas that I found. It has lotus flowers - have I told you I love lotus flowers - and the tips are all marbles! I thought it fit perfectly over the tub and the marbles pull in all the colors I want in the room.I want to find some more accessories with all those colors - I found the perfect ones a long time ago, didn't buy them like I should have, then of course they were gone when I went back to get them. That's what I get for hesitating I guess. 
 Bathroom Redo
I played with the new panoramic feature on my phone to try to get an overview of the whole room - that's this last picture.  It's a little distorted - my tub looks kinda squished! LOL

Well, I think it's time to get Aaron up from his nap - Emma's been asking to wake him since she got home from school! I think I'll let 'em help me make dinner tonight - homemade pizza or spaghetti tonight???

Monday, October 01, 2012

Family Weekend

We had a lot of fun family time this weekend - indoors mainly b/c it rained all weekend long. We had originally planned to hit up a festival, but the weather changed those plans. Friday I took the day off (though I ended up working between all the fun, too) - I started with breakfast with Aaron and had lunch with Emma at school!
My breakfast date!! Lunch with Emma at school
Emma's nose is healing so well, too - it's improved soooo much since this picture from Friday. I can't believe how much better it is today. We've been putting Neosporin on it several times a day and it's really working.

We did a little shopping this weekend - had a little fun playing around together!
Silly shopping! #Texans
Emma & Aaron had fun trying on everything! LOL - they really wanted these fuzzy, pink hats, too!

Since it was still raining most of the day Saturday we were indoors most of the day again. My daddy came over to check up on Emma and bring her some stuff to make her smile - and for Aaron, too of course. My mom was out of town, so it was just daddy - he stayed and ate lunch with us, too. A bit after he left we had to get out of the house, so we headed out for some more fun...
Indoor fun on this rainy evening! Love the determined look on Emma's face as she plays!!
Foto Fun
Fun Times
And we followed up with dessert outside that night...
With a cherry on top!
Dessert to top off our night!
Root beer float, thank ya very much!!
There was a dinosaur at our table roaring at us...Rawr
Lately I seem to be posting updates more than anything...but that's how life has been lately. I'm only getting free time in spurts and I try to wrap up everything in a post. I'm only in the office two days this week - then two days in a course offsite - then a couple days off to recoup. It'll be a much need little break. A migraine robbed me of my day yesterday - to the point that my neighbor brought over an oxygen tank (he's an EMT/Fireman) by the end of the day & it did give me some relief. I took two of my Imitrex during the day and they didn't make a dent. I don't know the reason, but there are times when the meds just won't work & yesterday was one of those. 

So, I've got Monday down this week - have three more full, full days to get through and then pray for a little breathing room!

Here's to your week, too!