Thanks Honey X3

Friday, September 14, 2012
My honey made my birthday so wonderful - despite being a semi-stressful day at the office!!

Yes, yesterday I aged yet another year. I have no shame in my age, though - I'll shout it! I'm 35!!


Okay - okay...I'm 35!!!

And Michael made yesterday so awesome for me...he leaves before me in the morning and when I opened my car door to leave for work this is what I saw...
Balloons came pouring out of my car this morning when I opened the door to get in!!
I knew he had a lot of hot air!!! Okay - bad joke, had to be said, it's over let's move on! I thought it was incredibly sweet to go through all that effort (did I mention he threw me a surprise birthday for my 30th birthday?)...he loves to surprise! And little did I know there were a couple more coming! You can't really see in the picture, but there is a card on the steering wheel, too - I got a spa treat!!

So...on to work I go and low & behold I get a call from the receptionist downstairs that I had some flowers delivered.
Received these beautiful flowers at work today from Emma & Aaron!!!! ;)
The card read that they were from Emma & Aaron - now he's teaching my kiddos how to give surprises!!! Again - very sweet honey!!!

And so we had plans to go out to dinner - it was a yucky evening & I was pretty tired when I got home, so I said let's just eat somewhere close to home. He said nothing. Oh and back up a minute - I talk to my mother on my commute to and from work every day and I had spoke to her all the way to the house - she & dad had been to the doctor & were back home & "tired" from the busy day.

So fast forward again - I'm sitting at the bar talking to Michael about dinner & the alarm dings. First I thought the door just hadn't closed all the way - then I saw a figure coming in & thought our neighbor was coming over to say happy birthday - then I realized it was my parents!! Michael had invited them over to go to dinner with us, but said not to tell me they were coming!!! I was very excited - they had come over a couple days before so I really didn't expect to see them!

So out we all went to a yummy dinner & a super yummy piezookie trio for my b'day cake!!
Michael planned a surprise dinner with Geddo & Teta and yummy Piezookies!!!
 So - from sun up to sun down I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you baby for making the whole day special for me!!! I love you!!

AND, AND, AND...I mentioned the other day we were house hunting! Well, my parents now have their house on the market & are shopping for something close to us!! They don't live far now - it's about 45 minutes - but now they are going to be right around the corner...somewhere! We are thrilled!

Before they left for their trip to France & Switzerland they let us know when they came home they were going to seriously start talking about moving. They've wanted to downsize for a while now - they have a big house and it's just the two of them now & want to get something smaller & more manageable & closer to us & the kiddos. Their house went on the market this past Tuesday & fingers crossed it'll sell quickly.

Not only a great day yesterday for me thanks to my awesome hubby, but also a good week! And hopefully a good weekend to come even with the nastiness we have outside!

Happy Friday