Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Post-It Tuesday...Pissed Off

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. Hahahahahahha ... my sister had one of those when we were little. She was about three and pushing the vacuum around, and she pulled the cord out of the wall. When it went off, she looked back at the outlet and sad, "Oh shit."


  2. lol oh my!!! (I use the phrase muyself . . . )

  3. Oh gosh! Haha that is too funny :D
    My son has those moments.. I have a bad habit of when I drop something I say "Oh, shit!" and he has developed the same habit :( Whoops!

  4. My potty mouth has made life with teenagers difficult. I never imagined I would use "Because I'm the mom!" so frequently in my life!

  5. Lil Duck told me she was going to kick someone's ass the other day. She is 4. I'm guessing too much time around the teenagers generated that one. I almost laughed before we had a discussion on appropriate words. :D


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