Friday, September 28, 2012
I've been trying out a lot of new recipes around here lately - well, lots of new seasonings combinations at least! I tried some new seasoning mix on my roasted veggies earlier this week...that turned out super yummy and were a big hit!
The roasting of the vegetables is about to begin!!!
And followed up with some of the best fajitas we've had in a while! Per a coworker's recommendation I hit up an awesome meat market that had pre-seasoned fajita meat and it was fantastic!
Been a weekend of good cookin' & still more today! YUM!
I usually cook every night during the week, but sometimes we get in a slump and will go out a couple times if the evening gets too busy. Hence the reason for the meal planning I did a couple weeks ago, too - so I've been more prepared for those busy evenings!

Though one day this week was a late evening and I didn't get something in the slow cooker so we did take the night off and hit up Chick-fil-A. Turned about to be a good night b/c Max & Ruby were there. Emma was all about giving them High Fives, but wasn't as interested as Aaron in taking pictures with them!
Max & Ruby were at ChickfilA tonight! Emma gave 'em five, but wanted no part of pics! Aaron was front & center, though!
We've also been trying (not very hard, though) to get Aaron more interested in using the potty and get him out of diapers. I don't think it's gonna happen too soon. He doesn't seem to worried about it, but he sure does look cute in those teeny undies!
Cute baby bottom!!! Just gotta get him to not potty on Mater!!
He's more interested in Mommy using the potty - I have resorted to locking the door b/c he thinks I am sitting down to have a conversation with him when I head into the bathroom these days!
I've resorted to locking the door bc Aaron thinks he has to be on my lap when I potty!!!
Ummm...no son! I'll talk to you in a little bit! :)

Emma had a check up at the dentist this week. She gets glowing check ups so far, which is great b/c she loves to go to the dentist right now. Our dentist always tells her what a great job she is doing of taking care of her teeth! She's also been getting glowing marks at school - she's been on the highest color almost every day! So before the dentist appointment Monday I took her for a treat! < / Mommy Bragging>
My girl got a treat today bc she got 5 purple days in a row at school!! Then we head to the dentist - LOL!!
Another treat with her this week was Muffins with Mom, which we got to do yesterday morning before school!
Muffins with my favorite girl this morning!
And today I've taken the day off and I'll go up to have lunch with her - I overheard her telling her friends about it yesterday. She sounded excited!

Yesterday I had to pick her up early from school actually. I got a call from the nurse telling me that she took a bad fall and had a bloody nose and her face was scraped up pretty bad. Emma gets nose bleeds very easily (my daddy had them very bad as a child, too) so even a tiny bump to the nose can cause it to happen. So, at first I wasn't too worried b/c honestly I thought that's all it was. The more I talked to the nurse, though I realized it wasn't as simple as that, so I got off the phone and jumped in the car to pick her up.

Turns out she was running on the play ground and just lost her footing or something and went flying face first into the gravel. It did bloody her nose (bad enough they had to change her clothes even), but it also scraped her face from her forehead down the middle of her nose. Her nose is a little swollen and I really hope we don't wake up in the morning to find black eyes, too. I gave her some Tylenol when we got home and made her keep ice on it a while. After a bit she was feeling better and was outside playing with her brother and then after dinner was back outside playing with her friends. I told her everyone was going to be asking her about what happened when they saw it! And I'm glad today was the day we had lunch already planned, so I will be able to see how she is handling her day with her new bo-bo's right on her face. She didn't seem to terribly embarrassed about it last night, that's for sure!

Honestly she was more worried about playing and showing her friends our caterpillars that have returned - that had her very excited yesterday, too!
They have returned. Emma was excited to see this little guy tonight!
I've been quiet most of the week, but it's just b/c it's been a pretty busy week at work (we had a 2 day offsite that had us going nonstop) and our evenings have been full, too. Honestly when I get home in the evenings I don't even look at the computer till after the kids go to bed and I even try to avoid the iPad or iPhone (unless I'm snapping phone pics of the kiddos)...

And speaking of the iPhone - can I just say that LOVE LOVE LOVE the new iPhone 5. The feature are all amazing - the speed is so great - the camera is wonderful! Love it! So, most likely if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (MishMish) then you've seen all these pics b/c they're all iPhone pics!

Have a great weekend!