I'm still here...just haven't been plugged in much

Monday, September 10, 2012
We're all doing good at the Kubeczka Casa - just been taking things easy. Especially this weekend. Stayed close to home b/c we (mainly Aaron & me) weren't 100%. I've had a migraine that didn't want to leave that started last Friday and carried through until yesterday. We did try to get out of the house a little, but didn't venture far...

So, there was snuggling going on at home & lots of indoor play - Emma made me green cookies!
Green, PlayDoh cookies anyone?!?!
 Which were fabulous, of course!

And my big boy gave our little boy some extra snuggles this weekend, too - love this!!
My baby boy needed extra cuddles this weekend. He got them from my big boy!! <3
And we did a little house hunting this weekend - no, not for us. More to come on that subject later! Snow cones were also a must this weekend - had to visit our favorite snoball shack & support Mista Mack!

And, of course, it's that time of year - my house is monopolized my computers & football - fantasy football is in full swing. If you know me, then you know that I live with a football fanatic!!! I've decided it's a serious addiction. One that should have its own 12 step program. 

Otherwise, I've been in the middle of a bathroom remodel that I hope to be complete soon, so stay tuned for pics to come at no certain date in the future! :)