Creative Commons - Heard of It???

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Okay - I don't watermark my images. I never have. I really don't want to start, but people irritate me so I might just have to start doing it soon...Boo.

This morning after I read this post I thought I'd look around for a couple of my pictures that I knew had been used in an article (b/c the writer was kind & left me a comment about the use) & see what would turn up.

Well folks...this picture was apparently a hit! I found about a hundred places where it was used!

Week 1: Working from home...
Who knew that a picture of me in a tshirt & sweatpants, drinking coffee, & working on my computer would be so popular!?!? (I worked from home this day b/c we were getting new floors - so my b'fast table was filled with stuff from the living room. I don't normally keep a giraffe on the b'fast table - and I don't even have that giraffe anymore. It's actually in a coworker's office!!)

I don't mind people using my pictures - I really don't. I think it's pretty cool that you like them actually! And if family want to get pictures of the kids, that's fine, too. But when people don't use them properly that bothers me.

Flickr is a great photo sharing site - and even I use it looking for images, but I always follow the rules. Users are free to use my pictures as long as it has Attribution, it's NonCommercial Use, & No Derivative Works - don't alter my pics people!!! Most of the places I found the picture it wasn't altered - actually so far (b/c I haven't gone through all the sites) only one site altered it in any way.

Creative Commons License

That's it - how easy is that to do!?!? Be courteous people!!!!!